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Hashihime of the Old Book Town



Hashihime of the Old Book Town is the most recent visual novel I'm obsessed with. 

Writer Tamamori finds himself in a rut in his life. None of his work is good enough for his cold friend Kawase. His critiques are so harsh, Tamamori often needs the warmth of his bookworm bestie Minakami. 

This has been going on for a while. Tamamori using the two of his friends. The two of them using him. 

Up until Tamamori encounters a giant in a strange Noh mask. Something he believes he's hallucinating, as Tamamori hallucinates everyday. 

But the giant is the least of his issues. Minakami dies suspiciously. Or at least Tamamori believes so.  And so begins a cycle that Tamamori will regret as he learns all the things he wishes he never did. 


I. Am. Obsessed. I'm not even halfway through the visual novel and it's so awesome. Not to mention it's adding to my already large reading list with Japanese classics. Dogra Magra anyone? Two Virgins in the Attic?


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