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Stefani Tee
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Shallow nominated for 19th World Soundtrack Awards

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Another nomination for 'Shallow'! :party:

On October 18th, 'Shallow' will compete against the following songs in the category "Best Original Song written directly for a Film"; during the 19th World Soundtrack Awards:

Requiem for a Private War from 'A Private War'
Sunflower from 'Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse'
The Place Where Lost Things Go from 'Mary Poppins Returns'
When a Cowboy Trades his Spurs for Wings from 'The Ballad of Buster Scruggs'

Other categories include "Best Film Composer of the Year", "Best Television Composer of the Year" and "Lifetime Achievement Award".

The award night will have performances by the winners, special guests and soundtracks carried out by Brussels Philharmonic.

The academy works closely together with the prestigious annual Film Fest Ghent. Lady Gaga performed alongside Tony Bennett in this beautiful Belgian city in 2015 for the Ghent Jazz Festival, as part of their Cheek to Cheek live tour.

Source: https://www.filmfestival.be/nl/nieuws/19e-world-soundtrack-awards-kondigt-eerste-genomineerden-aan/13-08-2019/3795https://www.worldsoundtrackawards.com/en/about


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Another day, another slay! :vegas:

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Let's start a party


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Imagine how tired we are of all this acclaim :interestinga:




Let's be nice to each other <3
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Again? :bradley:

Are we not tired? :bradley:

Will Shallow ever die? :bradley:

A Lady Gaga song that is #1 in 2019 that won like 50 awards including Grammys and an Oscar? :bradley:

In the good times, do we long for change? :bradley:

Or do we need more? :bradley:

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