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Stefani Tee
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CEREMONY || Sweetener Megarate

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The time has come to celebrate the 4th studio album by Miss Ariana Grande. You submitted your scores and comments, so now it’s almost here:



The ceremony will start at 19 pm CET which is in 2 hours. So get your wardrobes and ponytails ready!



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@Gimme More  @Marges  even though you didn't participate I'd love you to join the ceremony :heart:


Make sure to check out my other megarate:


And stay tuned! My next megarate will be announced after this ceremony. 

Dangerous Woman Megarate will be posted tomorrow

Shoutout to @Mirages who did the banners for this megarate! Thank you! :heart:



15 borderline

14 pete davidson

13 the light is coming

12 successful

11 blazed

10 sweetener

9 R.E.M.

8 get well soon

7 raindrops (an angel cried)

6 better off

5 goodnight n go

4 everytime

3 God is a woman

2 breathin

1 no tears left to cry

Edited by DiamondKing
We'll be alright ☉
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Saint Hollywood

Better Off better land somewhere within the top 5 or else I'm throwing hands


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I’ve completely forgotten my rates but let’s do this thang :legend:

Host Of Lyricasism
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i'm here :party:


sadly i probably won't be able to be here when it starts :selena:

Edited by badgirlmeat
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Rat-ell Williams' songs better come dead last or i'm suing.


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Phoebe Buffay

My perfect ranking:

15. borderline
14. blazed
13. pete davidson
12. sweetener
11. the light is coming
10. successful
9. get well soon
8. raindrops (an angel cried)
7. R.E.M.
6. everytime
5. breathin
4. better off
3. goodnight n go
2. no tears left to cry
1. God is a woman


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oh no, i won't be able to attend :noparty:

guess i'll have to check the results later..

I am my biggest fan


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