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5 things you want Gaga to do in the next 5 years

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1. Rather than release a Greatest Hits album, I'd like to see her do some sort of "Career Anniversary" re-releases, like The Fame (with bonus tracks) on clear vinyl, The Fame Monster (with bonus tracks) on white vinyl, Born This Way (with bonus tracks) on red vinyl, ARTPOP (w/ solo or Christina version of DWUW and bonus tracks) on hot pink vinyl, and Joanne (with bonus tracks) on light pink and light blue vinyl. The bonus tracks could consist of unreleased material (especially for ARTPOP) and remixes, special live versions, etc. There would also be digital and CD versions available. (Yes, I've thought about this extensively.)

2. Star in a Broadway revival of Gypsy with Bette Midler and win a Tony.

3. Star in another successful film.

4. Release another pop album and another jazz album.

5. Host SNL again.

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1. Release Valentine's Album (Love Songs)

2. Release Holidays (XmasNewYear Songs) Album

3. Release Nursery Rhymes Album

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1. LG6 (pop album)

2. LG6 Concept MVs and performances

3. Broadway 

4. Another acting gig 

5. Another super bowl performance or appreance

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- is wish she would change her releasing strategy. no more album eras but way more often releases as ep´s and singles.

- another movie

- her private life to be happy

- great visuals, especially videos!

- work with redone


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Smother Em Eh

1. Release a Pure Pop Album

2. Deliver visuals again!

3. Collab with more legends 

4. Act in another movie but an original one

5. Release a book

Stream Gaga’s discography on Spotify! Come on LM’s


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