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men v. women in music

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Lo Lee Ta

why the f*ck is the music industry so sexist?

every popstar who took control of her image and showed off independence and power has been torn the **** apart by the media

Madonna - Erotica 1992

Britney Spears - Blackout 2007

Christina Aguilera - Bionic 2010

Lady Gaga - ARTPOP 2013

Miley Cyrus - Bangerz 2013

Katy Perry - Witness 2017

men never get this sort of treatment.

And this is the only immortality you and I may share, my Lolita.


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Erotica was ahead of it's time sexually.

Blackout came out at the wrong time of Brit's personal life.

Bionic was bad.

ARTPOP was messy

Bangerz was too trashy and vulgar

Witness was terrible

actually, none here except for Madonna, showed independence and power..

I'm not serious 99% of the times ;)
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I think its a matter of women being much more adventurous and exotic with their work. Most male artists are much less provacative. Only two I can think of that were like that are Prince and Bowie and they recieved their fair share of bashing.

The media will always tear apart someone who is different comapred to people who stay within societal norms.

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4 minutes ago, JustAnother said:

Most male pop artists aren’t as liberal or provocative with their work. 

I was about to ask if there was any man in recent years who has done anything eccentric that would cause a commotion (or not :stalkga: ) like the albums mentioned above. Before you reply david bowie george michael etc.: In recent years


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Mirrion Rizzons
12 minutes ago, Lo Lee Ta said:

Blackout 2007

I feel as if brit was more scrutinized for her 3rd album 'britney' especially with slave.

Blackout was overshadowed by brit's personal life and the album itself didn't cause any controversy, it;s a collection of iconic masterpiece bops about sex and partying that didn't get her any heat


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Why exactly do you think the albums you listed show the artist is independent, empowered and in control of their image? To me, they all seem very manufactured aside from ARTPOP and Erotica. 

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