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Gucci apologizes for “blackface” sweater

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20 minutes ago, Borislshere said:

I’m fully convinced these fashion brands make controversial pieces just to get attention. 

It's fashion, usually the higher the cost, the uglier it gets

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Didn't Katy or someone make similar shoes recently :oprah:

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10 minutes ago, derpmonster said:

Thank you. The lips definitely make it much worse because that's how blackface has historically been depicted. Black paint and big red lips. 

Exactly. Even if Gucci’s intentions weren’t to depict blackface you’d have a very hard, if not impossible time convincing people otherwise. Those 2 characteristics together is instantly recognisable... It’s that much of a historical and cultural symbol of oppression and racism. 

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1 hour ago, ZacharyMark said:

Yea, all two of them. While people are literally getting killed and oppressed by the system that anti-SJWs champion. I’m tired of this new wave of excuses that somehow gives racists and homophobes a pass and blame the victim of systemic hate. But congrats, we got Trump out of it. Advocates for equity or now seen just as bad as nazis because some idiot had to coin the SJW due to hurt white  feelings.

So glad I don't know you in real life lmao you're the PERFECT example of one of those kinda people goodbye

The wannabe activism is so strong LMAO

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