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Belgium region bans halal and kosher killing methods

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On 1/8/2019 at 3:55 PM, Adampervez said:

LMAO animals are still being killed though??? Y'all are still endorsing the death of millions of animals to eat them..... but now you guys suddenly care about how they feel before they die? 

This is just another example of islamaphobia and antisemitism in the cess pit that is right wing Europe 

This has nothing to do with islamophobia or antisemitism and also many other than right-wingers support these kind of laws in Europe. This law is based on animal rights and animal rights should exist in every civilized country. Of course there are still going to be problems regarding animal rights issues but that doesn't mean that nothing should be done. Also, primitive and repulsive religious traditions don't deserve any respect and all of them should be banned. If you support primitive and morally questionable traditions then you have a problem.


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