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Is Katy Perry a Gay icon? (Poll)

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21 hours ago, RudraCNG said:

Of course not. I mean, look at the lyrics of "you're so gay".

I’m sorry but that song is absolutely iconic to this day. But in reality, she’s definitely more of a GP young person’s icon. 


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She did have a chance of being one, back when she was at the top of her game, but the flop of Witness brought it all crashing down because now I largely see her being a joke in the gay community for it. She has a lot of gay fans and they sure see her as an icon to them but for the ones who don't like her, the idea is laughable. Many of the LGBT community in general still hold the lyrics of Ur So Gay and I Kissed A Girl against her and it'll never be forgotten. She was seen as another girl just trying to be edgy and attention seeking by making those songs, saying it just put homophobia and fake bi/lesbiansim into the mainstream instead of actually improving things. To Katy's credit, she did say that if she could go back and re-write one song, it would be I Kissed A Girl because she knows we're in a new time now where she's aware of the problematic elements of it. She didn't bring up Ur So Gay, though because I think she and her label like to pretend that that song never happened, even going so far as to refuse putting it on her official YouTube channel (it's just a normal user who uploaded it) and they market the idea that this wasn't her first single, I Kissed A Girl was. Even though that song wasn't about an actual gay guy, but rather, an emo guy who she was insulting, she uses gay like an insult and there's ultimately no defending it. She's trying to make amends but for most, it won't be enough. A lot of the time, when you're "cancelled" in the gay community, you stay cancelled.

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