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Could Gaga do a *small* tour with the ASIB soundtrack?

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I am in the UK so it is questionable if she would do it outside of the US anyway, but I was wondering if that's on the cards- to do a mini tour (some point this year, closer to the film's release date of course) of the songs from the film.

I could see her doing small theatres or something. Here in London we have the London Palladium, that's a famous venue for shows, artists, jazz etc.

The last time I saw Gaga live was at the Royal Albert Hall with Tony Bennett and she was amazing, I was gutted she cancelled the rest of the Joanne tour!

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Dark Salvation

It'd depend how many of her own songs are on  the soundtrack tbh :diane: I could see her doing performances of her songs from ASIB though



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No...I've never hear for an artist going on tour with only songs from a movie they did...

She can include some of them on a tour, but I doubt in her condition she's gonna do a whole promo for a movie only in theaters for a few months 

She's got Vegas to prepare for 

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