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My new song "Mirror"

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Dark Anatomy


Hey Monsters! My name is CHITWOOD (username Dark Anatomy) and I am a 20 year old Singer/Somgwriter from Tennessee. My song "Mirror" has made it as a finalist on the GGD Song Competition, and I wanted to take a moment to share it with you!

You can watch the lyric video (made by the talented @MonsterPawPR) here...

If you liked it and want to find out how to vote, go ahead and visit the main thread here...

It would mean the world to me if y'all took the time to vote for my song! As It's probably the most personal song I've ever written....


The song counters two of the most emotional points in my life. Growing up with body image issues, and struggling with alcohol and marijuana. 

As a kid I was bullied so much that I conditioned myself to believe I was worthless and ugly. Therefore avoiding mirrors and resulting to making myself throw up. Then, as an adolescent, I became lost into numbing my body (and other) insecurities with alcohol and marijuana. It became so bad that one night i was at a party, and I was SO messed up that I didn't recognize myself in the mirror. 

But the true message behind this song, that I hope you will all take from it, is that in order to face our fears and insecurities we must face them head on. Accepting and loving the person that stands before us. Thank you. -CHITWOOD


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Dark Anatomy
21 minutes ago, FunPlastic said:

I'm loving the aesthetic.

Thank You! I had the chance to work with a friend of mine who is an incredible photographer. Really brought my visions to life! 


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Dark Anatomy

Woah this thread flopped so hard. :toofunny: Didn't think the song was that bad. :duck:


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