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Gaga Phone Wallpaper

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Hey hunties :selena: I'm surprisingly not dead, go figures. I've just been less active lately :air:

I made this at 1am a few days ago and just fixed it up a bit right now :emma: enjoy :nick:

I always like making things like this

It should be high quality (I hope :air: I made it 1920 x 1080 :laughga:)

Link: https://imgur.com/rgOQTlm


Was thinking of making a desktop variant but that'd be difficult seeing as the text would have to be sideways, squished or very small :air: I might do it idk

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Wow, lovely!:applause:

But my still-in-closet ass can't use it :selena: my straight friends would judge me :giveup:

He took the midnight train going anywhere...
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