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Katheryn Perry: "You have no balls, ***."


Did the fan's ex-boyfriend lie?  

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  1. 1. Did the fan's ex-boyfriend lie?

    • Yes. He absolutely lied! Let me run him over with the PRISM truck.
    • No. He totally told the truth.
    • Buy 'This is How We Do' on iTunes! (Plus if you have extra, G.U.Y., too.)

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Katheryn Perry at her never-ending Prismatic World Tour:


Even though I don't like her, this is ****ing hilarious! :lmao: 

But she didn't disagree. :rip: 

Honest Queen. :applause: 


Your thoughts?

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Giorno Giovanna

despite this being funny, this woman is pretty border-crossing :reductive2:

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She's so violent, it's disgusting. And using words like "***" and "****" to offend a man? How s-xist of her. 

Also, It's not like he lied. 

The Taylor Brigade: KNOCKOUT
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