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Madonna posts lyrics of new song "Messiah"


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http://instagram.com/p/qJmxmKmEdY/?modal=true (don't know how to embed an instagram post :flop:)

I am the promise
that you cannot keep
reep what you sow
find what you seek

I am the sorceress
down in the deep
I am the earth
under your feet

I am the moon with no light of my own

You are the sun guarding your throne

I heard the angels whisper to me
look for the signs
he is the one

I'll light a candle here in the dark
making my way
to your heart

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I'm gonna reserve judgment till I hear the song.

Take a moment to think of just flexibility, love, and trust~
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Sam Winchester

Pretentious. (What? Gaga's own fans call Gaga pretentious :classy: but really this is really pretentious)


Will she get backlash? The word Messiah is mostly associated with Christianity after all.

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The lyrics are nice tbh. Remind me a little bit of Frozen.
This. A step up from MDNA it seems
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The title  :dies:


It's so sad that she desperately wants that controversy so much.

i'm not a madonna stan but please Gaga has a song called Judas
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