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Wich Gaga Single Was Promoted The Most?

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derpmonster   Paws Up 2,123

Just Dance /thread

She performed it at literally every club and bar in the country. She put in HARD work. More than was healthy. But it paid off.

rip new monsters who haven't seen anything before PI :emma:

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Interstellar   Paws Up 7,333
1 hour ago, ryanripley said:

but the video says Born This Way :oprah: 

The video forgot that Gaga performed Just Dance in probably 95% of Clubs across North America


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Economy   Paws Up 7,854
1 hour ago, Interstellar said:

If we’re being truthful with ourselves, this.

Tbh! Just Dance was the most... other heavily promoted ones tho were:


Poker Face

Love Game

Paparazzi (kinda)

Bad Romance

Born This Way

Applause (kinda)

Million Reasons



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Thrasher   Paws Up 1,579

Despite G.U.Y. or Perfect Illusion (sans first week) literally sucked on charts, it’s sadly safe to say Marry The Night is her biggest flop. She promoted it a lot all around the world.

And Bad Romance was more promoted during the BTW era than during its single era, i think it had just 2-3 televised performances in late 2009 :sharon:

"Teachers said i wouldn't be nada, now i buy my mama Prada"


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Yo GagaGaga   Paws Up 6,512
Yo GagaGaga

Thanks for the promo


Also this video was based solely on televised performances, and it was hard to track down every performance so its not 100% accurate

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FameHookah   Paws Up 1,575

im pretty sure Poker Face and Just Dance got like +20 performances in different countries i have all of them on my old iPod she hustled a lot 💗



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KING   Paws Up 5,619

Should’ve known Just Dance & Born This Way was gonna be the top 2. Million Reasons is coming for Just Dance spot soon. :classy:

2 Samuel 22:33 🌹


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TEANUS   Paws Up 2,193

Just Dance, cause obvi

Born This Way, a lot of it wasn’t even in its single era, just during the whole era in general

Million Reasons, VSFS, X Factor, SNL, Royal Variety, Super Bowl, the most large scale promo in a short period of time

British social ladies with upturned pinkies, glasses clinking // xoxoTEANUS


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RochestrMonstr   Paws Up 1,133

Since this thread got me thinking about it, it's actually interesting how little promotion Applause had. She only promoted it a couple of times on TV in the US, and the initial performance was largely overshadowed. 

That really was a make-it or break-it single for her. Her image was not only hurt badly by the end of the BTW era, but she also didn't have the C2C/Sound of Music/Joanne/SuperBowl to back up her talent at that point. So that really could have been terrible for her if it didn't play out right. Luckily it did work out fine, and allowed what followed to happen perfectly. 

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