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'Weird And Wonderful': Lady Gaga's ENIGMA Opens To Rave Reviews


'Weird And Wonderful': Lady Gaga's ENIGMA Opens To Rave Reviews

Lady Gaga kicked off her first Las Vegas residency, titled ENIGMA, on Friday night to rave reviews from fans and critics alike. The sold-out opening night is being praised for Gaga's singing and energy, as well as the game changing stage design and production.

Andreas Hale of Billboard called  ENIGMA "an absolutely delicious smorgasbord of pop music, performance art and fantastic futurism during her 90-minute set that kicked off in true Gaga fashion."

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"For a show that at first seemed like an excuse to remind us what Gaga is best at, it ended up becoming a show that confirms and begins her legacy," Brittany Spanos of Billboard wrote, while Marc Snetiker of Entertainment Weekly added that ENIGMA "serves as Gaga's way of affirming that she’s never been more secure in who she is."

Yahoo's Lyndsey Parkery called the show "a full-on conceptual production featuring the diva at her campy, crazy best, complete with a Wizard of Oz-meets-Aeon Flux-meets-Barbarella, anime/manga alternate-universe narrative starring Gaga's artificial-intelligence alter ego."

Chris Willman of Variety said that Gaga "was born to be in Vegas" and added that ENIGMA "is a generous show, by Vegas pop standards, not just by exceeding the standard get-‘em-out-onto-the-slot-machines set length, but because Gaga also happens to do almost two hours more of actual singing than some of her counterparts on the Strip."

Lady Gaga's Las Vegas residency is expected to continue through 2021. The 2019 shows are on sale now, with some dates sold-out already.

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