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    I don’t feel ANY hype for this record. I honestly feel like she missed some great chances by moving it to 2020. Oh well...
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    This is a case for the F-B-I
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    Haus Labs doesn't even have foundation
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    I think Little Sadists need to stop harrassing people but also she needs to just block and move on, she looks pathetic dm'ing someone like that. She works for Lady Gaga. Those Little Bitches don't.
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    I clicked on this thinking: Lady gaga in what now? I thought this would be some weird scat post
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    Releasing Do What U Want with R. Kelly /endthread
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    Nobody: literally nobody: GGD: Release LG6 Gaga: Franch Toast
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    Let's be real, she's probably going to pull a demi lovato
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    Makes me wonder why there are gendered award categories in the first place. like "let's decide which person with a penis has the best song" or "which vagina had the biggest hit this year?"
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    They are trash. You don’t publicly respond like this. No class. Hope none of their work is ever nominated ever again.
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    Oh god she really does copy Madonna
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    "Bobby we're using the song" I swear this bitch is trolling us harder than she ever has.
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    Jeffree is aware that you all are giving his opinion so much importance, that's why he is teasing and posting on Friday like it's some grand event. TBH. He should be scared of giving gaga a bad review ,gaga isn't James Charles henny
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    If C2C 2 comes out before her new POP album I’ll honestly have to unstan. I got over Make Up but that is just...
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    Howling at this woman Teases for three days. Posts a meme. Disappears. Comes back to post about cooking 🤡
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    I'm gonna start tagging everyone who's expressed interest each time I drop a new doc If you want to be added to the tag list let me know! @Lemondeduerl @ladylinners @Alfonso @ydnmnme @Sunny @VenusHooker @[email protected] Candy @HermioneT @Noir @AlexTheMonster @pltcn61 @fivefoottwo @CyanDante @Artx @CannaeDrive @Varys @radioactive @ARTPOPsexual @SamanthaC @ARTGOD @Jadeykins @lost in limbo @GagaIsMyCure @mikeyxgaga @GayPrideUnicorn @Smother Em Eh @Dancin @IsThatGaga @JustaMonster @KatieJudasGaga4 @blackstar @Renie @KNJ @KEVIN STEVE @James19709 @LaLa @Yvi Monster @Nera @GagaMariaSpears @Why am I on GGD @Nirvana @Lee @ARTBOP @Oriane @MANiCURE 6 @mariariot @Magneto @MonsterPawPR @bxr @Davian @StarryNight @Talenti @Sanne Godijn @Monster7 @platinumpixels @LVbuttondown @Cello @Suspiria @IdioteSainte @Lippoutou @Reginald @Ivy @Tokyo @VENSAINT @codymonster @gagzus @Sneaky Oliver @Mister Gaga @FfFfFfFF @Schizophonic @Biggest Fan @HeavyyMetalVenuss @River Phoenix @the Devil of Pop
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    Did she really use hashtag #findsomeonewhocandoyouboth? How about being an Italian cook but also a pop star who releases her sixth album Gaga? That'd be nice.
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    Sad for OTR... OTR >>>> Bad Guy and I said what I said.
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    The Hive is definitely eating humble pie this year.
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    He's so much more than "telephone co-writer". At least include his name in the title.
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    Meanwhile Me waiting for Shawn to taste me....
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    "f" is something you say when someone's food drops on the floor, not when 2 mass shootings kill 32 people
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    No words needed. THIS is screaming ARTPOP so loud !
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    Gaga the only POP VETERAN on this list amongst the new and upcoming. A legend honestly 😭
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    I = ninth letter of the alphabet September = ninth month of the year LG6 confirmed in September
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    Joanne Diamond Heart - 36,440,796 (+592,141) A-YO - 57,814,631 (+739,134) Joanne - 47,185,645 (+930,166) John Wayne - 65,433,973 (+996,554) Dancin' In Circles - 37,797,784 (+566,332) Perfect Illusion - 146,958,345 (+1,598,577) Million Reasons - 369,969,800 (+8,814,118) Sinner's Prayer - 27,935,274 (+355,896) Come to Mama - 23,819,920 (+293,228) Hey Girl - 28,467,794 (+422,172) Angel Down - 22,813,433 (+315,171) Grigio Girls - 23,548,477 (+310,029) Just Another Day - 19,413,477 (+254,583) Angel Down (Work Tape) - 14,639,058 (+184,620) Total: 922,238,407 (+16,372,721)
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    the production, the vocals, the lyrics, the instruments, her tone everything about this song is like angelic to my ears. When I first heard it sitting in my living room in 2013 when she performed it in Germany it made me bawl my eyes out and I swore forever this would be my favorite song of all time and it has been ever since. I even have a pillow with the lyrics "I don't wanna be alone forever but I can be tonight" embroidered that my best friend gave me for Christmas last year. I just love this song so much and it means the world to me and I will guard it with my life till the day I die.
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    Shallow is now the 99th most streamed song on Spotify, surpassing I Feel It Coming and Lush Life. Our girl has gone that far on streaming 95. Love Me Like You Do - 827,517,131 96. Taki Taki - 825,042,818 97. Me, Myself & I - 824,699,586 98. Silence - 819,834,746 99. Shallow - 816,589,846 100. I Feel It Coming - 816,195,819
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    Because when Gaga wins, they make the right decision.
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    Because it’s better to wait until the public has forgotten about you, as Lady Gaga’s team knows!
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    Gaga right now: Us right now:
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    Just picked mine up and here are my thoughts. Strap yourselves in this may be a long comment. First of all the shipping was incredibly fast, it shipped out of the USA on the 13th of September and I received it today (16th September) in Australia. 5/5 for the shipping! (DHL's service however... 0/5 ) I preordered the Haus of Metalhead and the Glam Attack duo in Downtown Punk (Chained Ballerina + Rose B*tch) Small disclaimer: I am not a beauty guru so these are just my own opinions! I am not that knowledgable of makeup formulations and how it all works. I guess I will say this is a review from an average non-influencer person haha There is a video at the end showing the products under a flash light. Packaging: The exterior box the products came in was just a normal black box. It is simple and minimalistic. I personally think it does match the aesthetic of HAUS LABS well. If I were to add something, it would be some metallic elements to the lettering since the Glam Attacks are very metallic. See the pic here: Packing of the exterior cardboard: of the actual makeup products was very normal of beauty products. I liked how they were cardboard, hence recyclable. The silver lettering does stick out - I am not sure what the actual word for this is (it is not printed straight on) which is a nice touch. Pics below: Packaging of the actual makeup: The products all have good weight to them. They do feel solid and relatively heavy for their size. This obviously excludes the lip liner which is a pencil hence will be quite light. The products all have a nice matte black finish which in my opinion make the product look more worthy than if they used a shiny finish. The lids of all the items were pointy which is cute. Pics: Now to the good stuff, the makeup swatches! Glam Attacks: I ordered 3 Glam Attacks in total. Biker (B), Chained Ballerina (CB) and Rose B*tch (RB). When I opened them I did smell them. There was a very very mild smell (very faint). Basically it smelt like makeup. When you pull the applicator out of the bottle it does leave some excess on the applicator so I just wiped it on the rim of the container. I do also recommend you give them a shake before using to disperse the glitters. Level of opacity I would rank CB > B > RB. I expected this anyways, since CB was the darkest shade and RB was the lightest. They were all pigmented and very glittery and metallic. When they dried it kinda felt like a mix of powder and dried paint? Maybe this is because when I swatched it I put the layer a bit too thick. They blend nicely too. Also they washed off very easily with water (I did not use setting spray). Pics: Onto the lip products RIP Lip Liner: Nice and creamy and the product gave a matte finish. It was nice and opaque too. I would recommend having exfoliated and moisturised lips before using them since they're matte. I do wish they made a lipstick as well because filling in your entire lip with a small pointy pencil is a bit tedious. The photos are above in the swatch. I didn't take any of it actually on my lips unfortunately. Le Riot Lip Gloss: The consistency is quite thick. Very glossy and shiny which is good. It doesn't really have a smell besides smelling like lip gloss. I do not usually wear lip gloss so I don't think I can comment much else. See pics above. Other: The makeup bag: It is quite nice and compact. Made of the flexible plastic. It is actually 2 layers with silver and black confetti in between. In my one it seems like a piece of red confetti fell in too See the pics below: They also included this cute mirror which says "Battle for your life" on it. Pic: That is everything for the products. Unfortunately for my package, they seemed to have forgotten those 2 post cards people seem to have gotten with theirs. I did email customer service asking about it though. Bonus: Here is a video showcasing how glittery the makeup is http://youtube.com/watch?v=vviHEoLPkXE
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    1 comment? Lol at "people were throwing things at her" as if.
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    finish i'ts coming my new album '' f4g0t'' in the way
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    Midday Update Shallow - 827,450,328 (+1,382,591) ARUTW - 299,743,355 (+584,707)
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    This shit right here is the reason I never come back to this toxic place. Y’all are so full of vitriol that it literally makes me sick. There are other things to do besides being total asses because you didn’t get a music announcement. Go listen to someone else if you’re tired of waiting for new music. Gaga is doing what she wants and what makes her happy. If that annoys you enough to call this a shitty makeup brand simply because you wanna throw a tantrum, then you don’t deserve the damn album.
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    at least G.U.Y. was a good song
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