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    Wow, some people in this thread saying they should mock Gaga for doing what she loves. Doesn't sound like fans to me. Just because you don't personally like the show doesn't mean you should let others mock it. Fans don't do that. Call me a cupcake all you want though
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    Okay thanks for thinking that your sole opinion is enough to warrant a thread.
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    Cool Let them. Gaga doesn't give a sh*t and neither should we.
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    You forgot the other part of the equation, Transgender Men who are in the process of transitioning.
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    Just after she posted the mantra on her Twitter. Maybe it's a part of the song Interesting.
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    Grimes said she hated art angels
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    Onika Petty sounds pretty iconic bc she has already fulfilled the last name b4 she even knew him
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    "I cashed the cheque already, I could leave right now, you're all ****ed" I love this bitsh
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    who cares enigma still sold out
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    I can't believe ARUTW is indeed rising on the radio chart in Finland!!! Finland's radio chart (updated today): #10 (+2) Always Remember Us This Way (new peak) Last ten weeks: 46-24-21-20-19-22-13-14-12-10
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    "that not all people who menstruate are women" What?????Who can take them seriously if they are saying things like that. Good that the company is being "inclusive", but the reasons transgenders activists give are... laughable to say at least.
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    What's "so embarrasing" too? The fact that she's versatile with her shows and come up with new ideas and being creative? The fact that she started being again like the past Gaga at her shows that fans themselves wanted? What's really embarrasing is the fact that a big part of those fans are a bunch of pretentious hypocrites who could not give a crap about Gaga's well being when she fall a couple of days ago but being a lot more worried about LG6 itself.
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    Bernie, this ain’t it chief. Should’ve sat there and ate your food.
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    ur not suppose to comment something RUDE when you don't have any interested in the topic. WP incoming edit: also - so you think their opinion isn't worth posting, but yours is?? seriously who do u think u are . u just contradicted yourself hard core. bravo! just leave the thread if you're not interested.
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    Omg I wanna know what they sent Who even cares that much? I want a DM too though! I hate Ava
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    It's always funny to me when people will say something like "Jazz is boring because Gaga doesn't really get to perform" when in fact not having all the pop show trappings gives her more freedom to really be herself and perform in her naturally engaging and funny way. In the pop shows she is a pop star, but in J&P she wears the old school mantle of "entertainer" and wears it very very well.
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    This is so surprising... but somehow brilliant. Gaga continues to pivot to places we never expected...
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    She made him turn str8 after she cancelledT the gheys for that infamous fall
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    They did it with Trump though. It’s not crazy to think Russia prefers and works to shift perception of candidates on both sides of the aisle. Russia does it all over the world.
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    Wow I didn't know that. Thankfully I dont pay for my account
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    You asked for it and we're doing it! It's finally time to rate one of the most groundbreaking album concepts that changed how we view and consume 'albums' in the digital age. The 'visual album' concept was so captivating, it led 'Beyoncé' to sell a staggering 828,773 copies worldwide in its first three days, becoming the fastest-selling album in iTunes history. So check the rules below and PM me your rates! Please check the tracklisting beforehand as there are some additional tracks to rate from the 'Platinum Edition'. And also remember you are rating the songs, not the videos! RULES: 1. Rate the songs from 1-10 2. You can use 11 once and 0 once only if you wish 3. You can use decimals 4. I'd love to hear your reasoning for your scores if you wish to share them  5. Message me your rate 6. The ceremony date will be confirmed 7. Please listen to and rate all the songs if you wish to participate * This megarate will only go forward if there are enough participants. TRACKLIST TAGLIST YET TO SEND RATINGS PARTICIPANTS
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    There was me thinking it was some sort of 7 year anniversary for @Red being on GGD
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    Few weeks ago RedOne was in India and he confirmed experimenting music on different projects linked to Bollywood and other 'stars requests'. Start at 1min35 So could he be link to that Gaga project ? @River Phoenix I found the interview
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    Whaaaaatttttt not from all of those producers she chose Bappi lehri!! I don't believe him at all! Maybe he's trying to catch the attention of international media ! Now that he's somewhat irrelevant! But if real!! Jimmy jimmy jimmy Gaga Gaga Gaga
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    I literally have no idea what this is for and idk what I’m supposed to do- It's ok you’re the King of megarates who needs a silly nomination?
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    I thought it was a flame with lips
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    TBH, she cried like 15 times during the show I went to in June. She cried literally every time we gave her a standing ovation. She cried during Someone to Watch Over Me. She teared up during Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood. She just goes all in on these songs and lets her emotions just flow. But she also smiled a lot, laughed a lot, acted crazy with her band and the people sitting at the stage tables, cracked jokes, etc. The show was a full emotional spectrum showcase. She seemed to be having a blast. I'm not worried about her. She was just being extra, as usual. That was the night she went to Brian's show afterwards and acted all sleazy. She's just having fun. I think she is loving the fact that she can be so free and basically say whatever she wants during these shows. Our show ran long because Tony Bennett was there, but also because she spent so much time telling stories. She is in full control of this show and I think she loves every minute of it.
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    First song sounds like Sleazy oh wow
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    She will sing Frankenstein
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    Title Where and when did we start hating each other? First of all, these woman are COMPLETELY different artists when it comes to their music, performances, and videos. Why are they compared at all? Second, they’re literally friends in real life they smoke weed all the time and Bey has sent Gaga some flowers and goodies when her fibromyalgia was flaring up so obviously they have some sort of good relationship with each other! Imagine what they would think seeing their fanbases be so evil towards each other? Both parties are at fault imo, every fan base is toxic not just the hive idc what anyone says I’ve heard horrible things from both parties. Why do we insistently try to bring women down to make our faves seem better? BOTH of these women have impacted the music industry and pop culture, BOTH have set the standard, and BOTH will never be replicated ever. Can't we just appreciate the fact these women are doing the damn thing? I’m not even trying to tell you to like Beyoncé or listen to her music, that’s your opinion and your choice and I’ll always respect that. But when you try to come for ha and shade her unnecessarily, that’s when it becomes an issue. You look like a clown bby would you like an application for the RingLing Bros? I would like to make a peace offering Gaga always preaches kindness and I love both Gaga and Bey so so much they’ve impacted me in many ways, why can’t we unite? If we joined forces we’d be UNSTOPPABLE we need to ignore twitter stans and their negativity we’re better than that! In conclusion: Love wins xoxo Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk
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    Female to male trans people probably feel so ridiculous walking into a store to buy tampons for themselves. Open ur mind up a little bit and think from someone else’s perspective before you laugh.
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    I love these threads. Good timing, I'm in the middle of another intense depressive phase. After too many days of feeling totally numb and incapable, today I managed to wake up at a raisonnable time, work-out, read a little and repot all of my plants. I also decided to make new appointments with a therapist. Which is huge for me to achieve during those times. Even the simplest things, it's important to try to accomplish something everyday that brings us some kind of peace, joy, accomplishement or care : getting out of bed, taking a shower, eating 2 times/day, cooking, opening a window, shaving, pleasuring ourselves, working-out, reading, taking selfies, going outside, texting/calling somebody, anything. Also reach out, with internet and phones, we can always be heard and we are never alone. It can be super hard and we can let days going by doing absolutely nothing in bed and yes, sometimes we need to escape the insane world, to have time to reflect and collect some kind of strength. But eventually we will start again to build gradually an active and positive routine, to live again. Thank you for creating positive sharing spaces. Take care y'all !
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    Torn by Ava Max Spotify 18.898.359 (+338.985) YT 25.452.418 views #33 (-1) on WW Itunes #15 (=) European Itunes #63 (+7) European AM *new peak* #152 (+12) WW AM YT is slowing down for over a month now but at least the rest is still growing. Spotify rebounded strong after yesterdays update too.
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    Yassssssssssssssss for my MAJOR! I’m rooting for him and Warren! My step-sister(his personal secretary) & Major Pete Buttigieg.... 😁👌🏾
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    So today is the federal election for Canada... And while I had a great time here on GGD, I worry about my future as Canadians vote from coast to coast to coast tonight... Should I still be here as Justin Trudeau, even if I might no longer be a prime minister? Or should I let one of my friends take over, maybe even the new prime minister? No matter what happens, I love you all.
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    There’s a rumor in the Ava Max thread that Sweet But Psycho is her only hit. Not sure if true how ****ed up though
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    Yes, daddy. You can capture me. Yes, we can totally believe that you are rooting against the first gay president because a) he's not a stereotypical yasss queen gay and b) he's not a far-left Marxist insurgent who wants to turn America into a socialist hellhole.
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    It's a great song I'm really excited for his album, his 1st is great
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    I dont think I would enjoy this original script. The hospital thing was already seen in previous seasons. A hotel full of vampires ghosts and murders was good enough. For me the Detective thing was unnecessary and dragged for too long during that season!
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    Omg will they ever shut up complaining. Sorry but nothing that bad has happened to them. Yes her family has been embarrassing but she has a husband and baby and all the privilege in the world. She needs to stop reading her own press and get on with her charity work if it's that important to her. I've just read that they are taking 6 weeks off for Christmas and I'm just over the pity party. What have they done to deserve that? She did a 1 week tour in Africa where she was welcomed and treated... Like royalty...!! There are people freezing to death on the street and she's using a documentary that's supposed to be about Africa to complain about the Daily Mail ... I'm just baffled at why they've made this into such a drama. If she can't handle the scrutiny then she needs to withdraw from public life and not live on tax payers money.
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