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    Here we go again... Why should we believe what this person is saying? Are we gonna open new rumor threads for every random thing that's being posted on Twitter?
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    Because it's the best song on the album and one of her best songs period.
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    feeding us expired makeup maybe
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    I think this is the first boyfriend that has more money than she does. So at least she knows he's there cause he's into her, and not her money. I remember in Five ft. 2, she was talking to Mark Ronson about it being hard to find a guy that wasn't threatened by her wealth and success. Maybe she's found it. That would be worth celebrating.
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    AHS had SO MANY amazing looks but this one will always standout to me... I know it’s pretty basic but thats what makes it amazing. She looks like a normal person, and it really helps her acting shine through.
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    This doesn't make sense
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    GGD trynna figure out Stupid Love, when suddenly another LGN Door opens
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    I must say I prefer the trolls posting scat and gay p*rn rather than this mess
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    Oh my god this is gonna be a mess Inb4 "We have scrapped all Google Forms and have decided to use PictoChat for our reporting."
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    Did she get banned???? Funny how you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.....
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    Great but don’t get complacent. Vote and get your family and friends to vote like your lives depend on it.
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    LM's be like: "The last thing GGD needs is another rumour thread, but that's too bad "
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    I give up, i'm tired of rumors, negativity and craziness.. It seems like we are talking about the last pop girl, not about one of the biggest superstar on the planet.. If i look back on one year ago, she was on the top of the world. She's still on a very high level but her team can't really manage her status.. it's always like this when you work with friends and not professionist. And last thing, i hope i'm wrong, but i think that Gaga herself lost her way to bring her beautiful creativity on a very high standards. I will leave for a while. It's not a permanent logout but i'm sick of all of this. We all are. What a hard time to be a Little Monster.
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    I don't understand how anyone can't appreciate Dope. Dope is deep personal and tells a story of a struggle with drug abuse and wanting to overcome it. I suppose if you haven't experienced substance/alcohol abuse yourself you wouldn't fully get it. I've seen first hand people go trough hell because of it and them wanting to get better, The song is amazing.
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    Okay but can somone gift him a beard grooming kit or a razor? Thanks
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    For reference here are the data progress polls for NH and IA Iowa actuals per RCP Bernie - 24.7 -2.1% var Pete - 21.3 - +6.3 var Warren - 18.5 - -2.5 var Biden - 14.9 - -.1 var Klobuchar - 12.7 - +4.7 var New Hampshire actuals per RCP Bernie - 25.9 - -2.1 var Pete - 24.4 - -1.6 var Klobuchar - 19.8 - +6.8 var Warren - 9.3 - -4.7 var Biden - 8.4 - -.6 var I included the actuals from real clear politics and added the variance between the last data progress poll and the actual results. This pollster has done very well overall and definitely makes this Nevada poll look very good for Sanders.
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    Gaga was performing You and I for well for a year before it was officially released and it didn't really affect anything
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    ATRL = Acrobat Tweets Real Leaks wow amazing, it's been in front of us all this time! we should have believed you from the start
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    If this were any other A list artist, you'd be right. It wouldn't make any sense. But this is Gaga. Every studio album era has some sort of messiness to it. I could see them scrapping Stupid Love, keeping it as an album track, changing the production, releasing it as the lead as is, releasing it as a lead without a video, releasing it with an ugly video, releasing it without playlist campaign or radio deal, etc. Literally any possible scenario could happen no matter how messy or illogical it is. That's Gaga/Interscope.
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    Ever since I joined this fandom I’ve been trying to understand the Gaga nose jokes... her nose isn’t even big
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    Edit: I know we’re all impatiently waiting for LG6 but please don’t come here to bash Haus Labs. Lets be thankful she’s being active.
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    DJ Zedd sweetie, I'M SO SORRY...
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    2014, just because this performance is one of her best in that era.
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    No billboards but we did get all of this mess
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    You’re still not banned?? Where are the moderators.
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    Wow budget jumped out. The song seems radio ready But this palace tho. God damn
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    So did Akira. https://kotaku.com/its-almost-like-the-akira-manga-predicted-the-coronavir-1841739361
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    Dope was one of the most important songs in the album, and also one of the most personal songs she's ever written in her entire discography. It's way better written and it had more depth than IWBWY. We already have applause, putting IWBWY in the album would be redundant.
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    I remember (someone correct me pls) Gaga saying that the label wanted her to make an "Adele ballad" so she did Dope as a f*ck you, youwant a ballad to cry? take this.
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    I get that, I’m older than she is, sadly...I’d just hate for this not to last and for her to have regretted anything she shared too soon. I’m projecting, probably, I’m glad she’s happy
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    Where did Bobby say this, what’s the source?
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    She must be in MAD love with him. so happy she's happy Now release #StupidLove bitch
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    Does this need to be explained again? Gaga herself has so many times. ARTPOP is an album about partying and addiction and substance abuse (especially the songs prior to dope). Dope is the moment when all of the good times come crashing down and you’re alone and need to make amends for what you did to everyone you love. ARTPOP is about escapism, but dope is saying you can’t escape. You have to confront your s*** if you want to be healthy, happy, and in love. So, on the contrary, Dope is actually the sole song on ARTPOP, aside from the title track, that could not be swapped out for another song because without it AP is just the party which was not the point Gaga was trying to make. You can’t suppress your pain. ARTPOP is a journey, not one-note. Dope not being thematically the same as, say, Sexxx Dreams makes sense and it’s why the album order is critical. After all that adrenaline and suppression there is the comedown back to reality and it sucks.
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    Obviously. It was going to bomb with or without a leak.
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    The scrapped pre-Enigma cover of LG6, I think.
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    Thats if you get past the other 20 JB threads
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    This new insider has Mr S quaking
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    This feels like fever dream
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    Sorry Haus Labs haters but I'm always happy to get more professional editorial shots of her, especially with that pink hair color
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