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    im sure Katy will somehow be included in the lawsuit.
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    Why is your name Mary Jane Holland then?
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    Ain’t she always shading Gaga or is that a other girl? Anyways, it must be hard to stay relevant so let’s drag Gaga for attention it is. How groundbreaking.
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    Lmaooooo everyone who became a fan in 2013 right now:
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    Behold Tony Bennett's Portrait of Lady Gaga Bennett loves to paint his famous friends. A portrait of his mentee, collaborator and fellow Italian New Yorker Lady Gaga hangs in the League's gallery. The pair of pop stars released an album of duets in 2015 called Cheek to Cheek, which is largely the inspiration for Gaga's Vegas residency "Jazz & Piano" show. The piece is a rough ink pen sketch of Gaga leaning cozily on his piano, with her hair up, wearing dangly earrings and sharp fake nails. It's drawn with the loving eye of someone who's seen her from that angle up close many times (as he did on the Cheek to Cheek Tour) distinguishing it from fan art you might see when scrolling through Instagram. Gaga has said that she was in love with Bennett as a kid, so the drawing is surely the cherry on top of making an album with her hero-cum-celebrity crush. MORE HERE:
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    She follows her fans from time to time, no biggie.
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    Wow this is truly not Madonna’s year ... or decade
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    Midday Update Shallow - 914,489,221 (+1,318,333) ARUTW - 336,644,125 (+578,939)
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    14th month positions on the chart for the biggest Spotify smashes: #33 Shape of You #50 Shallow #59 rockstar #72 Perfect #78 One Dance #79 Love Yourself #90 Say You Won't Let Go #92 Havana #96 New Rules #100 Closer #102 God's Plan #196 Despacito
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    Shallow midday 920.487.492 (+1.260.130)
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    Me standing next to my mom while trick or treating at the neighbors house:
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    Wooo Shallow won NRJ award. Even if it’s nothing it’s still something
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    Then why is it getting such great reviews lol. Not taking this seriously. It could be about anything, just about the packaging or the promo for all we know. If that queen gives us more details we can discuss it but not like this
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    Imagine when they hear Bad Romance, #1 smash guaranteed
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    No one cares about the pedophile apologists.
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    Tbh, she's just bad at singing this song, sorry but it's the truth I don't even know why, she always oversings the chorus which leads her to missing a lot of the notes. I think she's just trying to put too much passion into it or something To illustrate: It's always the same thing: the "deep end", "dive in", "surface" and "hurt us" have literally always been off key every time I've heard it and the second high note is always bad. It's so consistently off it's actually kind of funny No idea why this is happening. She tends to oversing a lot of her ballads. I never got it. We don't need that much power every vowel. Let the song breathe. Like rewind back a minute and hear her fan sing this song. So much better. Which is weird 'cause Gaga's the pro and she's not.
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    Wasting A+ looks on random little events is such a Gaga quirk Remember that time she bought a $130,000 McQueen dress only to wear it for 5 minutes to get from the car to the hotel
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    So Shallow has won another award (a French one): the Grand Prix Sacem for International Work of the Year (presented by the Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique).
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    The fact that rihanna is in the top ten and gaga isnt ..
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    Check Apple Music originally a single off of Shawn's re-release, it is now a part of Camila's new album I wonder why
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    She’s the one tweeted one or two years ago that Gaga hasn’t done a thing for the gay community since Born This Way which was too preachy by the way. The fact that she doesn’t even know what this woman does for us (Born This Way Foundation, Charity, even on Joanne there was Come To Mama just to name a couple) and drag her/her creations constantly says a lot about her. It’s absolutely ok to have her own opinion but she’s way too much out there dragging Gaga that it’s not just an opinion anymore but rather an obsessive way of expressing her hate towards her that is just not healthy - for her and for others either.
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    ASIB has now sold over 500,000 copies in the UK.
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    First of all the media should not even talk about ARTPOP since they were the ones who trashed that entire era and wanted to cancell Gaga. 2nd of all, her tweet was a joke, just like the one with her starting "lip-syncing".
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    That song didnt have the success she imagined. She hopes by collabing with Shawn it'll give it a boost.
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    Stop bullying Sarah. Just stop acting like a jerk. Stop. And Kim Petras is partnered with Dr Luke. Like she has any room to talk about anything. PeriodT.
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    I'm beautiful in my way ...Cod makes no mistakes
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    I just got out of the venue and I feel like she did phenomenal. You can tell she was sick during some segments but by god we were by the prudest people ever
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    Madonna will never attend a Gags show she's on different level but Gags going to the Madame X show maybe who knows
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    "I like her too, I've never met her" And hopefully you never will Anyway, talent celebrating talent
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    Denmark 7 (8) 52 ASIB Full year of charting in Denmark needs 4 weeks to surpass The Fame Monster and become her longest charting album in the country 38 (38) 44 Shallow Shallow ties Just Dance as her longest running singles on Danish charts Spain 66 (80) 57 ASIB 89 (93) 58 Shallow 3 more weeks and it will tie Bad Romance as her longest running single ever in the country
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    whoever is in charge of her twitter is doing a good job.
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    Drake is wiping his tears with hundred dollar bills and the underwear of minors. He'll be just fine without your sympathy.
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    Haus Laboratories was nominated for Best Beauty Line at World of Wonder's 2019 WOWIE Awards You can vote for the brand here: https://worldofwonder.net/cast-your-votes-in-world-of-wonders-2019-wowie-awards/
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    As the owner of the galaxy, aka Lady Gaga, said, "I mean, if you're ashamed of who you are, and you don't feel supported by people around you, you're afraid. The shame is powerful. But give yourself time. Allow yourself to advance a little bit every day ". To each in its own time. 💖
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    I used up all my data watching a shitty livestream of the first Enigma show
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