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    Whats happening. Im so excited. I just woke up to this news. My album debuted at #7 on iTunes Charts Philippines. Im soo happy. You have no idea. This is my first top ten in my country. We did it guys. We really did it. Thank you so much to everyone who supported this record. Guyssss, Im crying right now. What is going on. I cant believe this. Its like just last year, I was crying and saying that I should I give up on music and yall pushed me to go through with it and never give up. I wanna share this with everyone here and to all my friends here and to all of you. I love you all so so much. Im hyperventilating. This is my first time. Our Listening Thread is here : Also, My amazing friend @Aarghya made a Megarate here (I love you so much ): You can also listen to it on youtube here: https://smarturl.it/kaelergreyYT iTunes and Spotify here: https://smarturl.it/MagnumOpusKG @ProjectJoanne @gagaschickens @Doot @Twitter @Aarghya @Economy @EuphoricVibez @HeavyMetalLover @Franch Toast @FfFfFfFF @skedaddleBItCh @wrs @Daylight Jokers @SamanthaC @PartySick @Musicisfreedom @TheSlash @BLACKPINK @FentyGa @DonatellaPop @Dexxx @Regina George @BadGurlMadge @KatieJudasGaga4 @LadariousGarage @KinneyUnderYou @Dulo Peep @PunkTheFunk @JINNOCIDE @Sherry1411 @eeaarrllaalloo @Hanthos @brucee @Noorat @TimisaMonster @tomsches @BlondeKingOfGGD @COOOK
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    Lady Gaga - Artist of the Year Rain on Me - Video of the Year - Song of the Year - Best Collaboration - Best Pop - Best Choreography - Best Cineamateography - Best Visual Effects Smile (Cover) - Best Quarantine Live Performance MAKE SURE YOU VOTE HERE: http://www.mtv.com/vma/vote/
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    It’s a good thing Gaga has her heart set out on other things
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    Not me thinking this referred to Gaga. I ran... and that’s on nuclear luv
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    Is Yüyi back? Mermaid = Free Woman?
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    Are you watching something else entirely? The LOTR movies have aged extraordinarily well because they DIDN’T rely too much on CGI, (the orcs and uruk-hai for example). Every time I watch them, they still feel like they were made recently, and I completely forget that these films are nearly 20 years old. They’re absolutely timeless.
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    You had th- You had th- You had th- You had th- You had th- You had th- You had th- You had th- You had th-
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    By the time she crawled out of your mom’s Volvo roof box to deliver her first rah-rah-rahs, Lady Gaga had already hosted a poolside orgy, transformed the subway into her debaucherous lair, and sought poisonous revenge on Alexander Skarsgård for throwing her off the edge of a castle. Her ideas were big; her budgets were catching up. But the video for “Bad Romance,” the lead single from 2009’s The Fame Monster, went beyond the kind of spectacle that rising superstars like her had the resources to pull off. It offered a glimpse into an entire cinematic world that thrilled and disturbed in equal measure, expanding the possibilities of what a music video could achieve -- and challenging other stars to step their game up at the same time. “Bad Romance” features some of her most gorgeous music-video looks -- as silly as it seems now in the post-Joanne era, the video was praised by some critics for the “stripped-down” and “normal” makeup on display -- as well as her most unsettling. The white crowned bodysuits look like Max from Where the Wild Things Are hit up a fetish club. The bathtub-bound Gaga with CGI-enlarged eyes beckoned to the uncanny valley. And despite all the glossy, sterile exteriors abound, an element of body horror lurks underneath the surface, from shots that linger over dancers’ exaggerated bony spines to the emaciated Gaga-monster hiding in a cage during the second verse. Pause the video at any moment and you’ll probably find yourself starting at something worth dissecting; even the briefest scenes and cutaways -- Gaga suspended in a cloud of diamonds, Gaga covering her face with razor-blade sunglasses, Gaga stomping around in alienesque Alexander McQueen heels -- could have sustained their own storylines as standalone videos. Those mini-moments were mostly in service of a bigger story, one in which Gaga gets kidnapped and drugged by models, sold into some kind of sexual slavery via an ominous pack of Russian men, and eventually enacts a fiery revenge plot. Considering how “Bad Romance” cemented the branding and iconography of her “Little Monster” fanbase -- witness the birth of the monster claw! -- it’s a little ironic that Gaga has described the video’s plot as an allegory about the entertainment industry, one that asks viewers to examine their relationship to their idols, what they ask of them, and at what cost they get it. Of course, Lady Gaga would go on to make more elaborate music videos than “Bad Romance” -- the mini-movie that was “Telephone,” the space opera that was “Born This Way,” each weaving in social commentary in both obvious and subtle ways. But more than providing any one look, dance move, or message, "Bad Romance" was a supernova reminder that there was still so much room to push the art form -- and that no one was more game to lead the charge than the free bitch herself, baby. It’s fitting that the video ends with the singer torching the place and everything in her path, lying among the embers and shooting sparks out of her pyro-bra. With “Bad Romance,” she took the old standard for great music videos and set it aflame, then got to work building a new one. -- N.F. https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/list/8466543/100-greatest-music-videos-of-the-21st-century?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook
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    ROM winning VOTY a decade after Bad Romance
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    Ellen: can I get a witness?
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    Don’t you gays get it? This era was about the world of Chromatica. She literally went to a different planet (where people are kind) and isn’t coming back and really that’s what this album is all about.
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    Ummm hi. I should’ve done this earlier and many users always wanted me to share my Chromatica avi artwork. Below are some of the creations I made throughout the era. Stupid Love - February 26, 2020 Stupid Love II - March 20, 2020 Chromatica Cover - April 10, 2020 Rain On Me - May 2, 2020 Rain On Me II - June 8, 2020 Sour Candy - June 24, 2020 Nobert Schoerner - July 2, 2020 Share your thoughts? Should I continue making more? Let me know.
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    I know what some of you are about to say... more rumors... BUT here are some more rumors Apparently, some people on Twitter are speculating that Alice is going to be the official 3rd single from Chromatica, that it will be impacting US radios next week, and that the song is already playing on certain radio stations. I'm absolutely here for this, so what do you think about it?
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    Hi guys, @littlepotter and I are safe.I'll explain in a bit.
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    Hey guys, I was checking some posts on Reddit about Chromatica, and I found this one. I think many of you need to read this
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    this would have been better!
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    To complete let me insert the Most Awarded Song of all time
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    I've been a fan since 2009 and I'm seeing people say really stupid things, such as Gaga being a "white savior" despite being an activist since she was a teenager...and its rather ignorant. There's a pandemic and social issues going on. She's using her platform to focus on important issues. Don't like it? go stan some other pop blonde girl the maggots are abusing this month. She's not 20 anymore. She's getting older and suffers from physical chronic health and hasn't had a proper vacation in forever. If she decided to rest for the next 10 years, I wouldn't mind. edit: she hasn't had a vacation since her debut
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    Queen of Procrastination
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    From Facebook: Wine and cheese go together like Lady and I! For this #BennettByTheBottle pairing, try Cheek to Cheek.
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    The greatest president America will never have.
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    Lyrics? amazing Beat? incredible Use of sample? revolutionary Vocals? the best on the album What is there NOT to like?
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    Whenever I see this type of info, I always think about... lol
  42. 66 points
    Hi clowns we all know the drill so... 3 hours 48 minutes
  43. 66 points
    Semi-off topic, I really don't understand the hate for SL. It's dance music with fun, light-hearted lyrics and she's singing about how badly she wants someone and she'd fight for them even if she broke in two. Idk why so many people hate it, it's such a fun song
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    She updates it as soon as its announced they are trying to ban it.
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    Title. she has GROWN on me so much I run everyday to this song and I get the feels. The lyrics and production are BEAUTIFUL 3rd single PLEASE
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    "DJ mixes" we might be getting Haus Labs Babylon guys
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    You can find in Katy's store "Smile" with 5 Alternate Covers https://shop.katyperry.com/ These are available only for 5 days One of them is fanart Official video for Smile comes out on August 14th. Katy also announced new videos for ‘Harleys in Hawaii’ and ‘Never Really Over’.
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