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Koons Sculpture(s) Vandalized At artRave


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This is wrong on so many levels. There's no telling what other marks "fans" left on the sculptures last night, but this image already shows three issues. Two signatures scratched in, and a dent on the corner.


It's so unfortunate that Gaga trusted her fans enough to let them co-exist with art sculptures, and they go and f*ck with them.


I hope these damages are abled to be repaired by Koons himself, and the statues returned to their original beauty.

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wtf??? how could someone do that   i love how in aura she picked up a drink put it on the floor then she walked ahead and a guy is leaning his beer on the sculpture 

Off topic, but this is my first time getting a "hot" topic in the news section.  :turkga:

Just because something isn't verified doesn't mean it's fake.    Pewdiepie has over a million followers on his Twitter account and he still isn't verified. 


How disrespectful. Gaga would be PISSED about this if she knew.


Just goes to show that regardless of how Gaga feels, a lot of her fans are NOT ready for the art of ARTPOP.


So not posh.

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