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Weakest Single of Each Era?


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What do you think is the weakest single of each era? For me its these: 

TF- LoveGame- nice track, but rather forgettable. The "disco stick" line is iconic tho!

TFM- Telephone - iconic collab, but for a Gaga track it is very lyrically generic. 

BTW- Judas - sounds like a remix of 2010's pop with Gaga's previous hits thrown in the mix. Cool, but obviously made in a pop music factory with a religious twist. 

ARTPOP- G.U.Y. - a squelchy EDM soup of everything Gaga,  but also awkward and kind of confusing, like a lot in the album. Maybe that was the point. 

Joanne- Perfect Illusion- it has potential, but the potential is only halfway there. Unfinished and rushed. Its only a half song. 

Chromatica- Stupid Love- sorry but this is like a fan tribute to Gaga. If it was for a new artist I would appreciate it more, but it is not. I like hearing it in public tho!

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Based on personal opinions and not on objective single potential:

The Fame - Eh, Eh (it's worse than LoveGame) 

The Fame Monster - Telephone (good but not as good as the other two) 

Born This Way - Judas (not bad by any means but I agree on it being a mix of Bad Romance and Poker Face, the other singles were superior) 

ARTPOP - G.U.Y. (it's catchy but it doesn't resonate with me) 

Joanne - Million Reasons (both this and Perfect Illusion are awesome songs, not definitely rushed or unfinished, I just like Perfect Illusion more than MR) 

Chromatica - Stupid Love (Rain On Me and 911 are better) 

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LoveGame; there's 4 singles and it's the weakest

Alejandro; love it but BR and Telephone are much more iconic

Judas; exacerbated the controversy from BTW and began the downfall of her singles charting

Applause; Aura should've been the lead single, GUY was dead on arrival/any song would've flopped

Perfect Illusion; Grigio Girls should've been the lead single

Stupid Love; Replay should've been the lead single

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Just Dance — I don’t know why it became that big and not Paparazzi but yeah

Telephone — great song but it’s not too artistic lyrically

Yoü And I — I love it but why a single?

G.U.Y. — good song but Gypsy, girl, Gypsy 

Perfect Illusion — I don’t know who thought it was a good idea as a lead single but hey, that’s the one we got

Stupid Love — sounds great but those lyrics…

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The Fame - Just Dance (like other post, glad it was a banger since it put her in the mainstream, but I do think it's a weak song; Eh, Eh is the weakest performing / impactfully though) 

The Fame Monster - Telephone (can't stand this song and all the singles from The Fame Monster were smashes) 

Born This Way - Born This Way (from a sonic standpoint - though Judas is probably the weakest in terms of success since it was the beginning of backfire)

ARTPOP - G.U.Y. (both not good, nor very successful) 

Joanne - Perfect Illusion (Million Reasons absolutely smashed so I can't call it weaker than Perfect Illusion, but I adore Perfect Illusion) 

Chromatica - 911 (Though I think Stupid Love is sonically worse, it at least made a splash) 

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warhol killer

Eh, Eh - I'm sure they chose this for the public to see a "bubblier" side of Gaga, could have been Boys Boys Boys or Summerboy instead

Telephone - it's an iconic collab, but could have been from The Fame instead since it didn't really fit the dark themes of the album — it had a bigger impact than Alejandro imo tho

You and I - a song that was known a year before finds me hard to believe it actually became a fourth single for the album lol

G.U.Y. - released after the mess of ARTPOP, so it was kinda' expected to be weak — also the sound is kinda dated during that time, it could have been the album title track as a single? idk

Perfect Illusion - with the hype surrounding LG5 and because it didn't meet the people's expectations of what they thought the lead single would sound like

Stupid Love - I think it's just because of the leaks, if the song didn't leak it would probably be peaked on #3 instead of #5

warhol killer ✴ GAGA¹⁵
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Only considering globally released official singles (sent to radio WW)

TF - Just Dance

TFM - Telephone

BTW - Marry The Night (HARD)


Joanne - Million Reasons

Chromatica - Stupid Love

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Hmmm forgettable in terms of to the general public? 

id say


alejandro and telephone honestly ??

You and I, plus i don’t think they ever knew about Judas or marry the night 

All of ARTPOP 

all of joanne

stupid love and whatever else anyone considers a single besides rain on me but honestly I haven’t heard rain on me ANYWHERE after year 2020


basically, outside of Gaga and pop standom, her most memorable hits are just dance poker face bad romance and born this way 


EDIT: OMG I’d why I thought the prompt was most forgettable!!!! lol okay here we go with weakest … hmmmm

the fame really is all strong but I guess lovegame even tho it’s my most fav song out of the 4

telephone is not a good song imo

marry the night omg can’t believe this even got picked as a single tbh

does AP even count? I don’t love applause as a song tbh , guy is a better song for me , even dwuw

million reasons I could never listen to again for the rest of my life and never complain abt it

And lastly  

stupid dove 


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The Fame- Eh, Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say). The song brings The Fame to a halt, sandwiched in-between Poker Face, and Beautiful, Dirty, Rich.

The Fame Monster- This one is the hardest, all songs on the album are completely solid for its short runtime, and contribute to the albums theme, especially the singles. Telephone is the least "The Fame Monster" for me, but I can't bring myself to say its a bad single. 

Born This Way- Judas. Her first fumbled single. Judas goes really hard, but something makes me feel it would have went harder as a song to discover within the album, or came as a later single. 

ARTPOP- G.U.Y & Do What U Want- The two singles after Applause were fumbled, and indicated the chaos in the planning of ARTPOP. In a vacuum, G.U.Y. would have been a perfectly serviceable single, and a good foil to Applause, but it took way to long. 

Joanne- Perfect Illusion. The return of Lady Gaga after ARTPOP gave the illusion that Gaga would go in a different direction to what Joanne was. Perfect Illusion wasn't the best introduction the parent album, but it was perfectly fine in the album itself. 

Chromatica- Stupid Love. Babylon would have been a brilliant opening single! 

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TF- Love Game based on official singles. It is great just not the strongest one but all 4 of her singles were great choices and probably the best ones to have made. One could argue Summerboy or Starstruck as being better but ‘disco stick’ has been iconic. Poker Face and Just Dance are some of her most memorable tracks and Paparazzi’s VMA performance is a notable highlight in her career. 

TFM- Alejandro. Love the track but it repeated Alejandro a bit too much and the music video was her first misfire with the GP. I on a personal level enjoyed it more than Telephone but Telephone made sense as a single. Meanwhile Monster and DitD were left just hanging there. 

BTW- MTN. Loved the video and the song has some moments but it is too long and has some boring moments. The era also died with it. Judas was a great track and it along with the video have had some major longevity with a resurgence in recent years. While it did follow similar makings to Poker Face and Bad Romance. It also went harder and explored different sounds. ‘In the cultural sense she only speaks in future tense’ is emblematic of this song and how it has performed. 

ARTPOP- DWUW. R. Kelly caused this song to disappear from existence and the video never got released. There were a lot of great tracks on the album that could’ve been singles but the comparisons with Prism and controversy surrounding her caused the era to implode. G.U.Y. never had a chance. Hindsight is 20/20 but I felt Sexxx Dreams and possibly Gypsy would’ve been better 2nd singles. 

Joanne- Perfect Illusion. Actually enjoy the track and I would’ve picked it as the lead as well. However, it barely had an impact and was quite unmemorable especially for a lead single. Million Reasons really saved the era. Diamond Heart and John Wayne were about the only other tracks that had potential with the era. With some very heavy editing Dancing in Circles maybe could’ve happened. 

Chromatica- Stupid Love tied with 911. Free Woman should’ve been the lead single. I like Stupid Love from a lyrical stand point but sonically it was dated and cheesy from the start. The video didn’t help. 911, I enjoyed the performances and video as well as premise. However, sonically it was never going to resonate with the GP on a mass scale. Sour Candy and Replay were right there and could’ve been easy smashes. 

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TF: Eh, Eh. I absolutely love the acoustic version and the video is really cute... I think the album/single version is butt.

TFM: Alejandro. I just don't like it. It reminds me of Ace of Base and like Bally Total Fitness commercials in the worst way. I oddly prefer the demo version for its grittiness though. And I really hate the trope of pop stars invoking nazi imagery in videos.

BTW: Judas. It was such edgelord crap. The "cultural baptism" thing, the "textured" single cover, the Easter release date, the overall message of the song. After the controversy of Alejandro, it felt like more intentional Christian antagonism and overdone shock tactics. And this is coming from someone who actively hates  Christianity. The instrumental and video are some of her best works though.

AP: DWUW. I don't think we need to discuss this much more.

Joanne: John Wayne. The whole cosplay country vibe of the album makes me cringe already, but then you add Gaga pretending she's into cowboys and the song being named after a noted white supremacist... ugh. The video is great though.

Chromatica: Stupid Love. It was just sonically and visually weaker than ROM & 911. (However I don't know if there's a more apt lead single on the album considering it was her big dance pop comeback. It's a heavy album,  and SL is unapologetically bombastic and positive.) I mean one of the most memorable aspects of this single era was the "Shot on iPhone" aspect and the resulting memes ragging on it and the quality of the video. Plus the fact that it leaked and a ton of people were convinced it was scrapped from BTW. Then the teased colorful factions of the planet amounted to squat in the album concept. It was the conceptual equivalent of there being a Chomatica I interlude (or The Fame Part 1 or To Be Continued) and then there not being a followup.

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The Fame: Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) 

The Fame Monster: Bad Romance 

Born This Way: You & I


Joanne: John Wayne 

Chromatica: Stupid Love

Marilyn Monroe is my best friend.
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JOANNE: except million reasons


ʲᵘˢᵗ ᵃˢᵏ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵍᵃʸ ᶠʳⁱᵉⁿᵈˢ ᵗʰᵉⁱʳ ᵃᵈᵛⁱᶜᵉ ᵇᵉᶠᵒʳᵉ ʸᵒᵘ ᵍᵉᵗ ᵃ ˢᵖʳᵃʸ ᵗᵃⁿ ᵒⁿ ʰᵒˡⁱᵈᵃʸ ⁱⁿ ᵀᵃⁱᵖᵉⁱ
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