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Bob TDQ on Gaga's early days


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I'm transcripting from his video on the Oscars looks, the intro he talks about Gaga:

"..I feel bad cause the Gen Z's will never know what it was like to be a young adult when Lady Gaga came on the scene. It was... wild. I'm 22 years old--I was 22 years old--when Lady Gaga hit the scene. I will never forget this; I was standing in the subway, at one of those magazine stands, and when I tell you every magazine excpet Home & Garden had either Lady Gaga and N*ck* M*n*j on it ... there was literally no one else on a magazine. ... Your experience in elementary school, watching Gaga, is not the same as being in the gay bar when Bad Romance came on. ... We were like losing our--it was crazy! ... When Lady Gaga was at the VMAs and blood was pouring-- it was just crazy." and then she compares it to hearing "I am your father" in Star Wars when it happened. Iconic!



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Almost as sweet as when Manila reminisced about Gaga’s early days:



I remember Gaga being everywhere but Bob is kinda wrong about Nicki being everywhere because she really wasn’t. I’m not hating or anything but Gaga in 2009-2013 was something not many pop girls, or any artist, have had or ever will experience. I guess if we talk about massive hits, Super Bass is no doubt iconic but we didn’t have all these gays in the clubs doing the choreography or anything except for maybe me. 

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I don't remember Nicki being so talked about. In my memory (I was just becoming a teen when Gaga's career took off) it was Beyonce doing her thing and also Gaga & Rihanna, then Gaga & Katy (Rihanna was her own thing at this point), maybe a small BLIP for Super Bass and Bedrock for Nicki, then straight into the Miley Bangerz era where both Gaga and Katy faded a bit

Gaga was inescapable. The year the Monster Ball DVD came out I got like 6 copies of it for Xmas from diff people who knew i stanned lol

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i do wish i was old enough to be in clubs for this. she was in cheek to cheek/joanne mode when i was 21. Philly had some 18+ nights though and i’m sure i heard some of ARTPOP at least. But dang i remember the Paparazzi performance and meat dress at least 

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2 hours ago, Joshie S said:

lmao i love bob, talked about gaga but didnt even review her look :huntyga:

She did! She says she likes it. 

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