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Melanie Martinez is performing at Lollapalooza Argentina tonight


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Bitch the prosthetics? The commitment to going THERE with this new era? I’m gagged and living. 👏🏻

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Bully Pop

So, a part of me is confused what’s playback and what could potentially be live pitch correction. If I have anything positive to say about that specifically, is that if it’s live pitch correction, I think it matched with the vibe immaculately, wasn’t too warbly, I think she pulls it off great; if it’s playback and she’s lip synching, I can at least appreciate that it’s not just the lead studio vocals and sounds more akin to live vocals with pitch correction on it. That’s just me, I appreciate the technical sides of live performance like that and don’t think it’s always a bad thing, but I do think it can be a little disingenuous considering how insane ticket prices are lately (lookin at you, Taytay). 
I hope she follows a similar pattern that she did with the K-12 Tour where she alternated; there’s not a lot of proof, but I’m certain she lipsynched Wheels on the Bus (gotta start with a bang), but Nurse’s Office was definitely live. I think, practically, this is a great way to keep a vocalist’s voice safe during intensive tours like that. And from the fry in her voice here lately, I don’t think that would be terrible for her. 

Anyway, that off my chest, I do think the live performance was captivating and if it’s a brief taste of what we have to come, I think we have a lot to look forward to. 

Guess I’m never posting again cuz y’all are crazy if you think I’m acknowledging those warning points.
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