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Kylie Minogue’s “Did it Again” was Pop Rock Perfection

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Released in 1997, The Queen of Indie Pop who later will become Queen of Pop for some of us, was delivering so much quality music :giveup:


Fun facts:


 Minogue and long-term collaborator and friend William Baker designed the clothing for each character: Sex Kylie, Cute Kylie, Indie Kylie, and Dance Kylie.

Each character represented a different appearance and persona; Baker labelled Sex Kylie as a “Drag Queen” with a "bitchy" attitude and "slutty" appearance. Dance Kylie had, according to Baker, an "irritating frothiness", while Cute Kylie had violet-coloured hot pants and a bra. 

 The outfit for Indie Kylie, which was red three-quarter pants with a high-collar shirt, was inspired by Star Trek films that was assisted by British fashion design, Pellicano.

The video was a "fun" way to portray her media images throughout her career. Regarding her "Indie Kylie" phase, Minogue commented "I don't mind being labelled Indie Kylie, I've had so many labels, but labels are a bit silly because I'm so many things, we all are."


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Stupid Oreo
15 minutes ago, Kimmo said:

It existed in 1997?


yes, rina is ageless since she joined the illuminati!!!


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I've never seen this video. For being from the 90s the effects are actually really impressive considering some modern movies can't even get to that level. :applause:

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