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Monster Ball Lollapalooza 2010


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I stumbled on this playlist of videos where this person recorded the entire show from the screens. So even though the audio is rough, you can see the whole show this way. And because this was at Lollapalooza it's not only little monsters in the crowd but also the GP. You can literally hear people saying "what the ****" :omg: and being stunned at the iconicness of Gaga :firega: It's soooo cool. I watched the whole thing and cried several times.

This is the show where several iconic photos were taken including this one


It's Gaga at her PEAK. She teases Born This Way and Bad Kids. You can see how inspired and excited she is. 

Also, I was stunned at how subversive the show felt even for today's standards. It's unapologetically gay. And I keep thinking this is in 2010!!! :giveup:

She brings out Lady Starlight and dances to Metallica, just like they did at Lolla in 2007. 3 years apart, same disco bra. Same badass rockstar performance artist provocateur pop maverick prodigy living legend. :bradley:



Seriously check out all the videos if you have time. The playlist is linked. Enjoy :pawsup:

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