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Misheard Gaga lyrics?


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I used to think she said "I love a squirrel" in Sexxx Dreams but instead she says "our lovers' quarrel" :air: 

What are some of your Gaga misheard lyrics? :messga:

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She's so rich and so blonde she's so fab, Celine Dion :air:

"There could be 99 toilets in a house, and it's my house" - River, 2021
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Shawniqua Mendes

Judas, kiss me if offensed, don't wear a condolence time

Wolałabym być sucha, ale przynajmniej jestem mokra. Szczaj na mnie, szczaj, szczaj, szczaj na mnie, szczaj, szczaj
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'I'm out in the downpour, at least I'm alive' when LQ snippets of ROM were surfacing, and tbh I got so used to that lyric that I prefer it than the original one!

I've been getting messages from my deep waters
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