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Tove Lo - Kick In The Head snippet

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This is definitely my favorite album this year and is not even out yet :firega:




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The party girl, who is lonely at the end? How could she know how my life is every time? 😭😭

14th oktober is Lo Day ❤️

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1 hour ago, gypsy Hero said:

She also posted a snippet of „I’m To Blame“

The song was also accidentally released last week and should be easy to find on the internet :)

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im soooooooo into this omg 

love that a lot of the songs are getting single covers, did yall see the new one she posted for How Long?

she keeps posting "scenes" too, i'm so interested!! what are these scenes?! 

are these just going to be the visualizers for the album or do yall think this could possibly be a visual album? she has visual albums/films for Lady Wood & (most of) Blue Lips and a shitton of videos for Sunshine Kitty.... since she's independent now do yall think we could get a full on visual album/film for Dirt Femme??

we technically have a video for every song that's been released, even How Long too - which still feels aesthetically on par with what's been served so far. and True Romance's video is just called "Scene 3" rather than "Official Music Video" like NDFL, 2D4, & HL. 

this may best CRASH & MUNA as the best pop album of the year...... 

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mmmy name ~isn't~ aliceee
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