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Hogwarts Legacy release date delayed to....

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37 minutes ago, TortureMeOnReplay said:

Where did you hear October? Rumors that I read really only suggested December because Microsoft put out a graphic with all it's 2022 game releases in order and it was chronologically around Dec 6th. 

The merch release date was Oct 25th so this was the rumored date for a while.

Dec 6th was the Amazon revised placeholder date from December 31st.

It was supposed to be a holidays game and Halloween was the best holiday to release it.

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I can’t support anything from that woman ever again, and I was one of the hugest fans ever.

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no omg…i guess it gives me more time to save up for a PS5 so I don’t have to play it on my switch though :billie:

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Well they got valid concerns that they can't compete with GoW, Gran Turismo and more new games this year. So might as well delaying it 

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