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Lana says NFR is her best album, claims she made pop music diarist


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“I can’t say to what extent I’ve influenced anything. But I can say all of my creative cosplay — aka notes from my real life — did widen up the sound in popular music for people to make a departure from a pure pop sound to something more diarist.”

Pivoting again, Del Rey then partnered with Jack Antonoff (known for his work with Taylor Swift, Lorde and St. Vincent) on “Norman ****ing Rockwell!” The multilayered, slightly ’70s-flavored opus earned her a Grammy nomination for album of the year. Says Del Rey: “That meant a lot because I knew it was probably my best album. I’m usually almost exactly right on my gauge of what people will probably hate or love. I’m somewhat psychic in that way.” Antonoff also produced her first 2021 album, “Chemtrails Over the Country Club,” but Del Rey largely took the helm for the majestic follow-up, “Blue Banisters.”

Source: Lana's interview with Variety

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For me it's UV but NFR is definitely her second best imo and I see why she and many people say it's her best

Soft, soothing, and succulent
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La Rosalia
45 minutes ago, Glamourpuss said:

It is her best and it's my all time favourite album. :heart:

Literally same 🥺 I feel such a strong connection to this album. There was a point in the pandemic where I would go for walks early in the morning listening to the album and I always ended up crying halfway through it lol.

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The Greatest, to me is ironically the greatest song ive ever heard in late 2010s if not the whole decade, it's the most incredible song for me, gives me feelings i never thought a song could bring in me

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