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Britney Spears says she has retired


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That’s definitely a joke. She will come back and have us music that she loves. Probably a Blackout 2.

When we're not together tell me everything's gonna be alright
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Babba the Hutt

In case she is not joking, I'm happy for her if it makes her happy, she absolutely deserves to live her life the way she wanted for so long and wasn't allowed to.

Of course I'd always hope for a comeback :vegas: It's just, sometimes artists say things like that about retiring, like Nicki did, and then surprise their fans by actually returning. Obviously, Britney's situation is very different to other artists and I doubt she wants to feel pressured or forced to perform anymore.

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She honestly should. She's done enough.

Serving iconic work, then facing extreme challenges, then having to pump out random pop songs (that are probably meaningless to her). I am always impressed by her tenacity. 

Get the pinot ready, because it's turtle time.
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She's been through a lot; she does need a break from everything actually. If she wants to comeback, she needs a strong single to come back with. The last thing she needs is failure after going through such hard times personally.

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Shes maybe joking but if shes serious i garantee she will change her mind later


She loves performing but the last decade and a bit has been exhausting for her. Anyone in her shoes would just wanna chill and travel for a while

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