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Australian Woman Set Hotel On Fire After Getting Upset With Isolation


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A 31-year-old mother is in police custody after an "intense" fire broke out within a Cairns quarantine hotel, leading to 163 people having to be evacuated.

No one was injured in the fire, which started about 7am this morning, on the eleventh floor of Pacific Hotel Cairns. 

Supt. Hodgman said the 163 people isolating within the hotel were evacuated without issue within five minutes.

Chief Superintendent Chris Hodgman said the "significant fire" began in a room where a mother and two children were quarantining.

The woman had allegedly been staying in the hotel for a couple of days, after having arrived from either Sydney or Melbourne, and had presented "some issues" to staff.






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Joshie S

This is my home town where I was born and raised and danced to Gaga :triggered: Right next to the Great Barrier Reef :ally:

I left Cairns 2 weeks ago though and moved across the country :enigma: (again):huntyga:

I've stayed in this hotel (pre-COVID) and it's right in the city. The images of it are pretty dramatic but it aint that bad. Surprised this was a thread on GGD:ladyhaha:

The melody that you choose can rescue you ♥
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