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Gaga at Brian Newman


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Does anyone know if Gaga has been a guest performer at Brian Newman's shows this time around?  I know she used to almost always be on stage with him before the start of the pandemic, but wanted to know if anyone has seen her at his recent shows?

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I went last night. Convinced she would be there because her parents were at the Jazz and Piano show, as was her boyfriend. We walk in, get seated. Bobby, Freddy and Sarah are all there. Again, CONVINCED. She never came though and the Haus team left after about an hour (minus Sarah).

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Went to the first show on the 14th. Absolutely loved seeing her jazz side for the first time. :diane:

Was hoping she would show up since it was the first show, but no luck. However, I will say that the Brian Newman show is well worth the price of admission. It was so cool and like a late night Vegas variety review.

Like another post said, her management team seemed to be there. It was fun to see Bobby and Sarah from a distance, though I’m not tuned into their work lol and didn’t want to be a creeper.

Also, my drunk ass ran into Brian Newman in the bathroom after the show. He was so kind! I said “Hey, thanks for great shows tonight.” He said, “Hi, I’m Brian!” I said, “Nice to meet you!” He then said, “What’s your name?” I told him my name and he said “Nice to meet you (my name)”

I can’t stress how nice it is when people are intentional about meeting someone like that. I once met Chelsea Handler and before I could even talk to her, she asked my name and repeated it. I’ve taken these as important lessons in life to be fully present with anyone you meet  

What a cool dude Brian is! Didn’t bother him more or about anything Gaga related. Just wanted to enjoy the moment. Highly recommend his show and wish I could go again!

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I’m going to the J&P show on the 28th and see there’s still tickets available for his show that night. Still debating if I should attend or not. 

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