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Shooting incident involving Alec Baldwin

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https://www.cnn.com/2021/10/21/entertainment/rust-film-accident/index.html A female crew member has died and another injured following an accident involving a prop firearm on the New Mexico set o

Was Ryan Reynolds’ career done for when a stunt woman died on the set of Deadpool 2?    I’m not quite understanding your logic. 

Rube Rose just posted about someone getting paralyzed and someone else getting their face burned off on the set of Batwoman... these production companies need to do BETTER. 

13 minutes ago, BUtterfield 8 said:


Of course the trumpets are replying telling him that he got karma.

I mean look at this:

Living in this country can be so embarrassing I swear.

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There's a guy I'm FB friends with saying it was his fault because he pulled the trigger, and he's only getting away with not being arrested for it because he's a celebrity :saladga: 

It's like if someone was allergic to peanuts, and I as a waitress served them a meal that the chef said had no nuts in it but it did, it's not MY fault if they go into anaphylaxis just because I was the one that gave them the food :crossed:


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