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Shakira for ‘The Earthshot Prize: Repairing our Planet’

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Prince William has revealed that Shakira is involved in the Earthshot prize foundation because she ‘cares deeply about the environment’.
“We wanted to get people who cared about the environment and Shakira has been brilliant at highlighting the plight of the oceans”.
Earthshot Prize aims to encourage the development of innovative solutions to help repair the environment. source


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Just now, dojo said:

Shakira's PR dodging the tax mess like Lil Kim Dancing GIF by BET Hip Hop Awards

She made a deal to recycle her ankle monitor once she's done paying back

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Sneaky Oliver
45 minutes ago, RahrahWitch said:

cares about the environment

cashes out on NFTs 

Confused Video Game GIF by Far Cry 6

Eco friendly NFTs only :trollga:

I subscribe to unconventional punishments
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A great way to save the planet is to pay taxes that can be used to fund green programs.

Part of why eco-friendly policies are low priority is because the money is better spent (in PR terms) elsewhere

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