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Why is Taylor Swift So Popular?


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She makes easily digestible music with a wide appeal because you don't have to know a thing about her to "get" her music. It's really that simple.

Personally, I appreciate artists like Gaga more. They come off as more genuine and endearing to the fans that love them. Their music is greatly enhanced when you know where they're writing from. They might not be radio darlings or get all the AOTY Grammys but they're the best.

In 100 years, music connoisseurs will say "that Taylor Swift sold a lot of records but man...that Lady Gaga? What a legend."

No shade to anyone intended :huntyga:

I am gonna lock this thread though :poot:

And all at once, you're all I want 💚
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i literally don't get it tbh

1. The GP likes the type of music that she makes (like Adele and Ed): her music has very simple production (some feel it's bland) but her lyrics are very deep. 2. She began her career as a countr

After all these years Taylor is still able to sell anything with her name on it. She popped up in the same crop of pop girls that included Gaga, Kesha and Katy and yet is leagues above them today. The

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