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How much did yall spend on Gaga in these last weeks?


How much money did you spend on Gaga in the last couple of weeks?  

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  1. 1. How much????

    • 0, I'm not gonna give any money to Gags
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In these last couple of weeks Gaga released a sh!t ton of stuff and I was wondering if I'm the only one who is like a little overwhelmed by it or...?? We had Born This Way: The Tenth Anniversary, Dawn of Chromatica and Love for Sale: all of them with so many different versions of CDs, cassettes, vinyls, digital version etc. Also Gaga released the Chromatica vinyl and new merch, T-shirts, hoodies etc. I already spent like 150 dollars on CDs and stuff but I'm still planning to get a couple of more things to expand my collection. Now she starts to release these special cover versions for Love for Sale and I'm getting desperate :messga:

So how about yall? Did Gaga leave your pockets empty or you don't care about any of it?

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Chromatica RSD & Black version DOC vinyl & CD L4S vinyl box, Limited cover CD, UK Cassette  Free Fame promo stand I threw in some stuff that I had lying around and a

Seeing her in Vegas for my honeymoon so.. let's just say I'm glad credit cards exist! 

I bought Jazz and Piano tickets so.... a lot  


Considering I just bought a plane ticket to Vegas on Sunday. :oops:

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holy scheisse

Literally ignore me I didn't see you said weeks :lolly:

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I got a Haus Labs eyeliner with the stick on wings and I bought some Gaga Daily merch and that's it because nothing else has interested me. I think I will buy a copy of Love For Sale though. 


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nothing so far:laughga: i'm thinking of buying the doc cd but the shipping for my country is a bit expensive as of now so i'm gonna wait for a while, maybe when people do unboxing videos i'll see if it has a booklet and if it it's worth it :lolly:

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POP A 911

2 weeks ago I bought the original The Fame USB brand new for $400


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I ordered LFS 2CD and BTW anniversary Vinyl last month, and they were about so about 60 bucks

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the Devil of Pop

I bought Jazz and Piano tickets so.... a lot :messga: 

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Stone S

Oh lord okay. So I bought

- “Love For Sale” - Yellow Vinyl

- “Love For Sale” - Exclusive Cover #1

- “Born This Way: Reimagined” CD

- “Born This Way: Reimagined” Vinyl

- “Born This Way: Reimagined” Double Cassette

- “Born This Way: Reimagined” Motercycle Tee

- “Dawn of Chromatica” CD

- “Dawn of Chromatica” Vinyl

- “Chromatica” Clear Webstore Vinyl


please pray for me I’m clearly troubled 

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I said 0,-

But I forgot I bought the Chromatica black vinyl in august, so €50,-

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