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Rihanna fan asks if Fenty Perfume smell like the album

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She’s cruel af 

Gaga at least doesn’t respond so it doesn’t hurt that much :selena:

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Gaga forgot ARTPOP, but Rihanna forgot her entire music career :popcorn: 

Taking an extended break from GGD. Ttyl.
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Rihanna clearly doesn't give two shits about music because it's not as profitable...

It's like being the CEO of Amazon and being asked by your fans when will you return to work at McDonald's and make me a  hamburger with extra pickle...:billie:

I'm just curious to know if she's contractually obligated to release any more albums within a certain time frame or her label just doesn't care to get her back in the studio to release an album...

If she's done with music she should just say so instead of feeling she has to lie to keep giving her fans false hope when she has no intention of making music

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Us in year 2040 when Gaga posts Haus Labs Nail Polish and no albums in sight :bradley: 

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Ive always known Rihanna is not passionate about music, I think the same about Dua. If she found another stream of income she would abandon music in a heartbeat. Meanwhile other artists continue to write lyrics, working on songs they dont even plan on releasing just for the love of it, u can always recognize the real passionate ones, some can't but it's honestly very very easy to identify them. 

Kanye West Is Blonde And Gone
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I don't blame her for leaving the music industry. It's so toxic at this point. It's all about the charts and the next big thing. Pop stars are getting younger and younger. Being a pop girl is not sustainable at long run. So I understand why Rihanna or even Gaga (towards acting) are trying to expand their brands and switching their focus. 

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