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Is NFR Lana's best record?


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I have to be honest, when I first heard the album I didn't quite click with it instantly so maybe that's why I was shocked when critics started raving about it. I have grown to appreciate it more, but I don't feel it's her best record.

So I wanted to know from you why is it considered her best?

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Yes. It sounds like a timeless classic.


sometimes switches with ultraviolence but yes make a poll


Im literally listening to it right now lol

I suppose I would say it’s her “best” (and critics would agree) but I wouldn’t say it’s her most culturally impactful

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It is also the only one I can listen to fully

Yes I went there and I have no regrets :firega:

Its not that the others are bad

I just dont like the sound as much

It feels like im listening to a lullaby

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