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ARTPOP: What happened?

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So I've been seeing how ARPTOP was rising leading to Gaga's tweets but I also heard about a petition? Can someone please explain and include a timeline about what's been going on regarding ARTPOP and LMs lately? I'm really really lost :selena:

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There was a spontaneous mystical event triggered by UFOs and astrological events that caused a mass enhancement of taste across the globe.  It's called the Tastening so far, but maybe a better name will come up for it. :vegas:

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chromatic puzea

gaga logging onto ggd to see what her fans are talking about and seeing every thread be about AP15ddfd737fd756faa50b62f86914c735--ahs-ho

hard to even fathom which parts you should believe
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Well believe it or not it all started on April Fool’s day :ladyhaha:

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DJWS, producer of ARTPOP made a joke on april fool's day about releasing a song from ARTPOP (2)
Then said that we should make a petition, still joking
LM really made it and it kinda blew up
People started buying the album on iTunes
And Gaga tweeted about it

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