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Under 30s in the UK to be offered alternatives to Oxford vaccine

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Under-30s are to be offered an alternative Covid vaccine to the AstraZeneca jab due to the evidence linking it to rare blood clots.

The recommendation comes after a review by by drugs regulator MHRA found by the end of March 79 people in the UK had suffered rare blood clots after vaccination - 19 of whom had died.

The regulator said this was not proof the jab had caused the clots.

But it said the link was getting firmer.

The review found: 

The 79 cases and 19 deaths occurred after 20 million doses were administered - giving a risk of about four in one million

Nearly two-thirds of the cases of rare clots were seen in women

The people who died were aged between 18 and 79, with three of them aged under 30

All the recorded cases occurred after the first dose, although the lower number of second doses meant it was not possible to draw any conclusions from this

It comes as the EU's medicines regulator says unusual blood clots should be listed as a very rare side effect of the jab, but that the benefits outweighed the risks. 

Dr June Raine, chief executive of the MHRA, said the side-effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine were "extremely rare" - and more work was going to identify if the vaccine was definitely causing the clots. 

"The balance of benefits and known risks is still very favourable for the majority of people," she said.

But she said for younger age groups it was more "finely balanced". 

She added: "The public's safety is at the forefront of our minds."

The review prompted the UK government's vaccine advisory group, the JCVI, to recommend that people aged 18 to 29 be offered an alternative vaccine where available.

Source: BBC


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Funny how it took so long for the UK to admit that these were happening and other European countries who reported on these blood clots happening were discredited by saying "The EU countries are using the British vaccine to push Anti-UK propaganda" :billie: 


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