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The family of a Texas boy who froze to death files $100M lawsuit

3 hours ago, E Z said:

No, use your words. What exactly are you suggesting with this? 

I actually quoted that and meant to add on that it sounded a little insensitive but I screwed it up somehow.

bring on that pecan pie


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6 hours ago, ProdigyARTPOP said:

He’s assuming that because you live in a mobile home you must be reaching and trying to find any way to get $$$ and milk a situation, because apparently it’s not possible to live in a mobile home, get hypothermia or sue someone for negligence.

I know i just wanted them to own up to it. It’s always the same story. People read about the misfortunes of others and they can’t put themselves in those shoes. Like, they should have tried harder. They should have known better. Oh, they’re asking for money? She must have not loved her son that much. They lived in a mobile home? They must have been good for nothings that just want to game the system. The irony, right? Seeing as how the deregulation of Texas’ power grid was designed to game the system in favor of energy moguls. 

Cut the bullshit. Deadass. Stop putting the blame on poor people. They were put in this vulnerable situation by wealthy and influential sons of bitches who will never be held accountable. 

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