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Top 3 overrated songs from Gaga?


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Shawniqua Mendes


Sine From Above


Wolałabym być sucha, ale przynajmniej jestem mokra. Szczaj na mnie, szczaj, szczaj, szczaj na mnie, szczaj, szczaj
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Eh Eh


The Queen

I'd rather be dead but I guess I'm alive ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Replay (I can already hear y'all typing and coming for me lol) 

Beautiful Dirty Rich

Sour Candy

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Smother Em Eh

1. Telephone

2. You & I

3. Venus (sorry) :oops:

Stream Gaga’s discography on Spotify! Come on LM’s
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Bad Romance


I'm hesitant with the third. It's between Scheiße, Monster, Diamond Heart and a few others 


All of them are good/great but I think they're often overrated by the fans

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Justin Drew Bieber

1. Alice (I’ll never get the appeal)

2. Bad Romance (There’s better songs on TFM)

3. Gypsy (It’s a filler let’s be real :green:)

why are you reading this
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