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Chromatica game ideas!


Hi everyone! I thought I'd make a thread on what kind of Chromatica promo would have been amazing for this era. I don't even know if "promo" is the right word, but basically Chromatica related activities for the fans to enjoy! 

I had the idea of making a 3D open-world application of Chromatica with different places. Players first take a tribe test so you can identify yourself with a group of Little Monsters that share the same tribe. Based on that tribe, you can unlock special costumes and even coupon codes for her merchandise store. You will be able to chat and communicate with other Little Monsters. Every now and then there will be a special event, f.e. Gaga will make an appearance, there will be a quiz-event where you can win merchandise, etc. Within Chromatica, everyone has their own house/room (sort of like the same concept as Habbo). Based on the amount of time you play (and even spend money), the more stuff you can unlock. All decorations and stuff are inspired by Chromatica! So it's basically a mixture of Habbo Hotel, FarmVille and Animal Crossing! These would make great places:

Kindness Punks' Desert / Rain On Me Square / Enigmatic Capital

EgHQQIAXkAclXDE.jpg EbSwlYXXsAAkFGo.jpg 2z30r0wwnaa51.jpg

Haus Of Government Officials / Eco Warriors' Enchanted Forest / PetGa's Healing Place

EY2otQWX0AAXjOm.jpg 67c8f0570c9465465fc3867309a55574.jpg 29666754._SX540_.jpg

Babylon / Manic Oasis / Junkyard Scavengers' Realm

Babylon_MA_00819512_gjeg8c.jpg LasMudas.jpg EWd0x-xWkAASxFZ.jpg

Club Chromatica / National Park of Chromatica / Tech Haus of Cyber Kids

maxresdefault.jpg Lady-Gaga-5-Official-Chromatica-305.jpg Lady-Gaga-6-Official-Chromatica-306.jpg

Freedom Fighters' National Arena / "Hear My Sound" Downtown/ BLINKs Hill 

Lady-Gaga-4-Official-Chromatica-304.jpg Lady-Gaga-8-Official-Chromatica-308.jpg image.png

I also don't know if you guys know about the iconic app "Tap Tap Revenge" which has sadly been stopped. But I thought it would be amazing to bring that one back as well, I made a mockup of what it could look like: 


And here is another concept I found from another Little Monster:


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18 minutes ago, LUCARTPOP said:


Alien heads coming out of Gaga's buzzom? Take my money

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Warhol Killer

it would be so cool to have a game similar to Tap Tap Revenge. I would play THE HELL out of it.

The pegs for the different places look great!

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Damn I hate looking at these because of the possibilities. Chromatica had the potential to be this HUGE era, probably even more than Born This Way with the whole planet concept they had going on. If anyone could do this it's Gaga.

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