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The Chromatica Ball (Fanmade) - Full Concept


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This is a fanmade full concept for Gaga's Chromatica Ball, in a parallel universe where covid is gone. It took me ages to create it so don't let it flop :)


An open, huge platform with a round B-stage displaying the sine from Chromatica cover. A rounded curtain covers the main stage Monster Ball-style. All around the main stage and on the unused seats on the sides of the stadium there are some crystals from the Stupid Love music video. People are admitted about three hours prior to the show and, 15 minutes before the show starts, the crystals begin to glow. The band members are disposed on several platforms.



1. Alice
2. Free Woman
3. Venus
4. Born This Way


5. 911
6. Alejandro
7. Replay


8. Just Dance
9. Paparazzi
10. Applause


11. Enigma
12. 1000 Doves (acoustic)
13. Million Reasons (acoustic)
14. Sine From Above


15. Plastic Doll
16. Poker Face


17. Fun Tonight
18. Bad Romance
19. Babylon


20. Shallow (acoustic)
21. Stupid Love


22. Rain On Me


A backdrop with Gaga falling in a pink spiral appears on the rounded screen as soon as a heavy house beat starts playing. Gaga is heard crying for help in the background. The screen lifts as the beat ends with a huge trembling hit and purple lights start to flicker. "Alice" starts as Gaga emerges from the main stage wearing a Kindness Punk outfit in a ring-like prop around her. Her dancers join her throughout the song. "Free Woman" immediately starts playing after, with Gaga welcoming the audience to Chromatica. The backdrop shows distorted colorful close-ups of people. After the song, "Chromatica I" starts playing as a brief intermission while Gaga removes the Kindness Punk jacket. Then, she performs "Venus" (the Coachella version, second chorus is missing) and gives a speech about love to the audience. After the speech, she performs "Born This Way" while rainbow lights and lasers (a must since Joanne World Tour) explode from the main stage. She leaves the stage on the final "ooh there ain't no other way" and the band finishes the song.

An interlude is shown on the main screen, displaying a nightmarish version of Gaga's brain. The ending is "Chromatica II", leading straight into "911". Red lights all around. Gaga comes on stage being carried on a wheeled platform, wearing a black latex outfit with a helmet and tubes coming out from her head, attached to some of the dancers. She removes the helmet during second verse e and proceedes with standard choreography, leading into "Alejandro" (two verses and choruses, big vocals at the end) she performs the choreography with male dancers only and reaches for the B-stage. As soon as Alejandro ends, she gives a brief speech about her medications and how she needs to let go of some bad thoughts and "Replay" starts to play. Fire and crazy lights unleash as a black and white Gaga screams for her life in the backdrop.

Another interlude shows Gaga dancing over a white background with some "Vmas acceptance speech"-looking outfits. The music is an excerpt of "Destinations" by Gesaffelstein. At the end, the lights turn light blue and Gaga emerges from the main stage again performing a quick keytar solo, wearing a translucent red latex jacket and glasses. She performs "Just Dance" reaching for the B-stage again. Then, while she thanks the audience for standing by her since day one, a rumble of earthquake erupts from the speakers, lights go dim and a platform on the main stage raises, revealing a huge flashing camera-prop under it. "Paparazzi" starts playing as the camera prop bleeds and flashes. Gaga is held by the dancers, stripping her almost naked in front of the camera. The audience is shown in the backdrop. At the end of the song, the platform goes back and Gaga crawls on the catwalk to the main stage as "Applause" starts playing. The backdrop shows Gaga in towering heels holding a severed robot's head and confetti explode on the last chorus. The song's outro contains elements of "Purity Ring Remix".

Next interlude is "Sour Candy" (studio version minus the last blackpink verse before "take a bite, take a bite"). The backdrop shows Gaga and Blackpink in killer outfits over yellow lights. The interlude leads into "Enigma": for this act, Gaga wears a "CGI outfit" similar to the one shown in Nicola Formichetti's instagram, which changes its color for every song. Distorted manga figures appear in the background. At the end of Enigma (green outfit), she reaches for the B-stage where a glass piano has appeared. She performs a long "1000 Doves" (lblue outfit) acoustic version, talking with the audience about bravery and her personal struggles, then "Million Reasons" (white outfit): the band reprises the studio instrumental from the second verse, and the outro is the usually extended one ("why don't you... stay... stay... heeee"). Immediately after, "Chromatica III" starts playing as the b-stage raises in the air flooding with smoke and the backdrop displays stars and planets. "Sine From Above" (red and blue outfit) starts playing: Elton John's part is still there, but the song cuts from the ending of the second drop to the outro, in which the b-stage descends while crazy lightnings explode on the backdrop over the drum n bass part.

The next interlude shows a mannequin figure looking like Gaga being built. The music is very dark and contains elements from "The Fame" acapella. As soon as the interlude is over, dancers carry glass boxes with Gaga-like figures inside them. One of them is actually Gaga as she performs "Plastic Doll" in a robotic outfit. She does a brief pause after the "what is this saga", after which a blow of fire erupts from the stage with the last "don't play with me". After a speech regarding objectification, she performs "Poker Face". The backdrop is Gaga's face falling to pieces revealing a machine under the flesh. The band performs and extended outro as she leaves the stage inside the glass box again.

The next interlude is the "Manifesto of Chromatica". A speech about the concept behind Chromatica with some exclusive behind the scenes footage. At the end of it, Gaga comes on stage wearing a huge white coat to perform "Fun Tonight" as moving all over the main stage. Soon after, the "Bad Romance" synth plays as the dancers join Gaga again with white outfits, she ditches the coat and performs her signature hit on both stages (fire on the "walk walk" part). After that, "Babylon" starts playing: Gaga and the dancers burst in a vogue-like choreo as the stage and the crystals glow in various lights, confetti rain and a colorful backdrop plays. Gaga ends the song screaming "battle for your life" and the gospel choir closes the track as the audience claps together.

The following interlude is a band one. Gaga walks on stage reaching for the band on a platform in between them, where she performs a shortened acoustic version of "Shallow" in a studded suit. At the end, she gives a final speech to the audience and the loud synths from "Stupid Love" start playing, the dancers come on stage and they perform the song while pink lasers move around and the backdrop displays Chromatica tribe symbols. 

After some minutes of nothing, Gaga starts singing "Rain On Me" off stage acapella. Then, she goes into the studio version running back on stage as blue confetti (looking like rain) fall on the audience. The outfit is a variation of the one used in the music video, and the Ariana part is pre-recorded on screen. When the song ends, ash the crowd screems in front of her, Gaga takes a bow and slowly leaves saying goodbye and remembering that "people can do hard things". 

An outro of the "Purple Disco Machine Remix" plays as the audience leaves as well. 

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6 minutes ago, Dadru said:

Out of all the fanmade setlists out there, this one is the most realistic imo

yes! check out the show concept too :)

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