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Your favorite part from every Chromatica song

Justin Drew Bieber

Let’s get this started


Alice - The gummy bear rap bridge

Stupid Love - The final chorus

Rain On Me - The part where they sing about the thunder towards the end

Free Woman - The summery chorus

Fun Tonight - The 2nd pre-chorus

911 - The wooooo ooooo’s

Plastic Doll - The bridge!

Sour Candy - Com com unwrap mee 

Enigma - 2nd verse is heavenly

Replay - the bridge

Sine From Above - The chaotic last minute

1000 Doves - when it ends

Babylon - the final chorus with the choir

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2 minutes ago, Majora said:

1000 Doves - when it ends


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holy scheisse

Alice - the "uh uh uh uh uh uh uh uh :poot:"

Stupid Love - "all I ever wanted was luvv"

Rain On Me - when gaga and ari harmonize

Free Woman - the part from the start to end

Fun Tonight - the "iiiiiiiiiiim"

911 - entire thing

Plastic Doll - the "no no no " 

Sour Candy - Gaga's deep dominatrix voice

Enigma - the groove in the chorus

Replay - the intros quite lovely. 

Sine From Above - the slow down chorus moment 

1000 Doves - the second verse

Babylon - the instrumentals nice


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Alice - second verse / bridge 

Stupid Love - the end 

Rain On Me - bridge 

Free Woman - second verse 

911 - first verse

Fun Tonight - I can see it in your face you don't think I pull my weight 

Sour Candy - Gaga's parts only

Replay - chorus

Plastic Doll - second verse

Enigma - did you hear what I said?! 

Sine From Above - chorus 

1000 Doves - chorus

Babylon - the gospel ending


Love it when you give me shade in the morning call me neyde


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Alice - The first verse

Stupid Love - chorus to second verse

Rain On Me - Ariana's verse

Free Woman - second verse and chorus

Fun Tonight - Chorus 

911 - First Verse

Plastic Doll - mmm the bridge I guess

Sour Candy - Prechorus

Enigma - Bridge and last chorus 

Replay - Second Verse and ending

Sine From Above - Chorus

1000 Doves - Bridge

Babylon - Chorus

We have two selves. One the world needs us to be, compliant, and the shadow. Ignore it and life is forever suffering.


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Alice - maestro play me your symphony, I will listen to anything

Stupid Love - all i ever wanted was love + chord changes + eya eya eya

Rain On Me - i didn't ask for a free ride

Free Woman - but i'm about to set this feeling in motion

Fun Tonight - but i'm feeling the way that i'm feelin with you

911 - please patch the line

Sour Candy - i might be messed up but i know what's up


Replay - the intro + "am i still alive"

Sine From Above - when i was young i prayed for lightning

Babylon - we only have the weekend + instrumental w brass


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Tommy Monster

Alice, 2nd chorus, the only one with a beat  which is sad

Stupid Love - don't really know, the whole song is equally lukewarm :laughga:

ROM - second pre-chorus

"I'm a free womaaaaaaaaaaaan"

Fun Tonight - the whole song tbh, but the best part is the oh-oh-oh breakdown

"I can't see me cry"

"Who's that girl, Malibu Gaga" + the whole bridge basically

"Take a bite, take a bite"

Enigma - Last chorus I guess

"You had the guuuuun, I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO..."


1000 Doves - the extra verse in the piano version

Babylon - the last chorus


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M Monstre

Alice - the "Oh-ma-ma-ma's" 

Stupid Love - the pre-chorus (i.e. "All I ever wanted was love...")

Rain On Me - "Rain. On. Me" :trollga: 

Free Woman - the verses

Fun Tonight - the choruses (especially the part from "Yeah, I can see it in your face..." and on)

911 - the choruses

Plastic Doll - the pre-chorus (i.e. "Cause I've spent too long, dancin' all alone, dancing to the same song")

Sour Candy - literally all of Gaga's part

Enigma - the chorus, but before the "I-I'll be your Enigma" part, so basically the "We could be lovers..." section of the song

Replay - the choruses

Sine From Above - anytime Gaga and Elton are harmonizing

1000 Doves - the choruses

Babylon - THE :applause: CHO :applause: RUS :applause: ES :applause: 




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Alice - uh uh uh uh uh

Stupid Love - "I would battle for you even if I break in two"

Rain On Me - "I hear the thunder coming down"

Free Woman - free womanananananananayeean!

I got tired tbh. 

ᴡᴀꜱ ɪᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ʙᴏᴏɢᴇʏᴍᴀɴ?
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Alice - The intro (chorus), gives me goosebumps every time.
Stupid Love - The first Freak Out, Freak Out, Freak Out, Freak Out part.
Rain On Me - Everything after the first chorus, as it picks up a little from there.
Free Woman - The Demo.
Fun Tonight - Pre-Chorus.
911 - 2nd verse "Paradise is in my hands".
Plastic Doll - Bridge + Last Chorus.
Sour Candy - Outro "Take a bite, take a bite", her voice sounds so sultry here.
Enigma - Everything, lit rally.
Replay - 2nd verse, Bridge, Last Chorus + Outro
Sine From Above - Everything, lit rally².
1000 Doves - The Piano Demo
Babylon - When the first chorus hits. Goosebump moment. Also the choir at the end. Do we know who sings the "yeah yeah yeaaahh" part?



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Alice - the first/last/only verse

Stupid Love - chorus

Rain On Me - "i hear the thunder coming down.." slays. so so good

Free Woman - the belts towards the end "i'm a free womaaaaaaaaaaaan"

Fun Tonight - the first half of the chorus

911 - first verse

Plastic Doll - the meaning

Sour Candy - bp 

Enigma - the vocal delivery

Replay - the entire thing is a masterpiece. but love the last 30 seconds

Sine From Above - love the melody and rhythm of the chorus

1000 Doves - the middle eight

Babylon - the word play with babylon and babble on - gossip


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Alice - bridge

Stupid Love - when it’s over

Rain On Me - Gaga’s first verse

Free Woman - final chorus

Fun Tonight - when it’s over

911 - the transition from Chromatica II

Plastic Doll - chorus

Sour Candy - "cum on sour candy"

Enigma - final chorus

Replay - 2nd verse

Sine From Above - last minute

1000 Doves - bridge to final chorus

Babylon - saxophone 


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Sneaky Oliver

Alice - second verse/ bridge robotic voice

Stupid Love - “all I ever wanted was love” with the deep voice

Rain On Me - when she starts singing “I’ll be your galaxy”

Free Woman “Iiiii” in the very beginning and the way she says “we owwwn” 

Free Tonight - the oh oh oh oh outro 

911 - the fast paced robotic verses I still have a hard time trying to sing along 

Plastic Doll - the way she sings IT HURTS ME

Sour Candy - “i might be messed up” verse 

Enigma - the second verse drums / instrumentation leading up to the chorus which has a unique groove within the song 

Replay - “psychologically it’s something that I can’t explain” bridge 

Sine From Above - the outro has me :deadbanana:

1000 Doves - the way her voice switches to a very deep powerful voice in “I cry more than I ever say” 

Babylon - “we only have a weekeeeend!” and the very first chorus 

A reverse Sneaky Oliver-ian expedition


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Posted (edited)

Alice- 2nd chorus and bridge 

Stupid Love- hey yeah yeah yeah yeah 

Rain On Me- Synths that replaces the “ooh ooh ooh ooh oohs” 

Free Woman- Pre choruses 

Fun Tonight- “I can see it in your face....goodbye cuz” 

911- transition/intro 

Plastic Doll- the fast&choppy Skirllex production 

Sour Candy- Gaga’s part/chorus

Enigma- 2nd & 3rd chorus

Replay- Final chorus when the beat goes hardest 

Sine- the drops and the crazy ending 

1000 Doves- “Flyin, Flyin, Flyin” on the last chorus 

Babylon- All of it tbh but especially the piano that reminds me of Vogue and the way the choir harmonizes with her chants 

Love Me Right- The choruses are so exciting 

1000 Doves Piano- The “Flyin like 1000,2000,10,000 Doves” that got cut from the original 

Stupid Love Vitamin Remix- idk :bear:

Edited by BrownEyess


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Posted (edited)

Alice - chorus + second verse

Stupid Love - freak out, freak out Look at me now + all I ever wanted was love and chorus

Rain On Me - bridge and chorus

Free Woman - second verse and chorus

Fun Tonight - second prechorus + chorus

911 - chorus

Plastic Doll - Am I E-I-E-I-E-I-E-I and the bridge

Sour Candy - prechorus

Enigma - bridge + chorus

Replay - bridge + chorus 

Sine From Above - chorus + the last minute

1000 Doves - bridge + chorus

Babylon - chorus + the final with the choir 

Love Me Right - prechorus + chorus

Edited by ChrisGalaxy
1st Defender Of Stupid Love


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