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Convalescent plasma could reduce death from COVID-19, early data suggests



COVID-19 patients treated with the blood of those who have recovered from the infection die at significantly lower rates than those given standard treatments alone, according to a preliminary analysis.

In their analysis, posted to the preprint database bioRxiv, the researchers looked at a dozen trials where hospitalized COVID-19 patients received convalescent plasma (CP) therapy — a treatment that involves drawing blood plasma from recovered patients and injecting the antibody-rich fluid into sick patients. The 12 trials, conducted at various sites around the world, included more than 800 participants in total, and when taken together, suggest that patients given plasma were less than half as likely to die as patients given other treatments, according to the report. 

Specifically, the mortality rate among patients given plasma was 13%, compared with 25% among patients given standard treatments.

"The report provides a signal of hope that CP is beneficial, although unfortunately, it does not provide the confidence that is required to be able to responsibly recommend CP for the treatment of COVID-19," Dr. Mila Ortigoza.

S: https://www.livescience.com/convalescent-plasma-therapy-reduces-covid19-deaths.html

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Would this not be the case for most infections? Essentially an antibody transfusion??

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