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Migratory Soaring Birds Project in Egypt gets recognition



The Migratory Soaring Birds (MSB) Project: Mainstreaming Conservation of Migratory Soaring Birds into key productive sectors along Red Sea/Rift Valley flyway has been selected as a national winner of the 2020 Energy Globe Award this year for its role in the protection of Egypt’s nature and its commitment to put ambitious sustainable development programs as a national priority.

The MSB Project became a regional leader in mainstreaming conservation of migratory soaring birds in countries located along the Red Sea/Rift Valley Flyway, after KFW paved the way & sat an example for other international financial institutions to fund new energy projects along the flyway and work with them to fine-tune and implement proper safeguards for the sector.

The project has worked for the past decade with governments and civil society organisations to conserve migratory birds and mainstream conservation measure, providing a platform that links the conservation efforts in the north and south with the flyway. These tremendous efforts have earned the project the recognition of a one of the “national winner” of this prestigious award and allowed it to shine among 2500 other initiatives and projects worldwide; an affirmation of Egypt's efforts to preserve and protect the environment and put sustainable development programs as a national priority.


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