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Protection plan of endangered Prespa Trout now in the pipeline

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Prespa Ohrid Nature Trust  and Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) recently awarded two complementary grants for the conservation of plants in the Mediterranean, under a joint Call for proposals which opened in January 2020.

An additional grant has been awarded to the Balkan Foundation for Sustainable Development  in North Macedonia, addressing sustainable management of water catchments. 



The grant will support actions concerning the conservation of the endemic Prespa Trout (Salmo peristericus) which is listed as Endangered (EN) on the global IUCN Red List. The headwaters of River Brajchinska, mostly located in Pelister National Park, currently support the largest population of this species in North Macedonia, while smaller populations are also found in Kranska and Leva rivers, outside the boundaries of the park.

The plan, concerning the populations in North Macedonia, will take into account the transboundary action plan for the species of 2008 that also covered the Agios Germanos river in the Greek part of Prespa.


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