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Rosalia about TKN (interview)


Summary for those who don't understand spanish:

- The title of the song is pronounced Tekken, like the video game.

- DJ Nelson sent her a beat and she wrote the song on top of that, but the beat he sent is not the final instrumental of the song because she reworked.

- Rosalia and Travis started working on the song in a house Rosalia rented in the LA hills and where she built a little studio. The finished the song a few months later when they med again in the studio. 

- She praises him and says he does much more besides rapping: he produces etc.

- The concept of TKN is that artists rarely are alone, they are usually is with a crew.

- She started the song in January 2019 and she worked on the song til two weeks ago, because she felt like it was a difficult song to finish but she had fun and it was worth it.

-She was excited to work with Canada again on the video, and the concept of the video was the director's idea.

- She says she always learns something while she works with an artist she admires. That's why she wanted to work with Billie and Travis.

- She is working in a new project and she's taking everything more calmly and without pressure, because it makes her happy.


before there was love there was silence
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