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[🇮🇱IL-GAGA/O.C.D] *DOWN* Rares, Unreleased, Demos @ Best Quality


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This collection holds *most* unreleased/rare relaese/demo audio we have at it's best quality possible.

Last Update: *####*


TMI; - All Information (Needed and unneeded):


 Updates Log:


22 April 2020;

All recent additions are happening by the courtesy of the user @Raccoon which was caring and asked some good questions while providing files for us to review, and @JustifyMyLove that always helps sorting things out.

We know there's a probability of making a mistake, but I decided to add files with high chances of legibility, rather than keeping them out.

We would be more than happy to be proven right/ wrong, and getting your submissions and questions of files you think are missing, that's why I shared this collection to begin with.

If you only want to review the last files added - check the 'Update Only' folder.

- ARTPOP Unknown Song; old leak snippet from the early stages of the album making is added to snippets folder under 'Demos (Released Songs)'.

I'm also adding the standard version of Do What U Want to the 'Rare Releases' folder under 'Single Releases' in FLAC because of it's removal off of streaming services. 

- Jewels & Drugs; demo posted once by Farhan is added to that folder as well

- Just Dance; Demo with Akon which is not the demo of the Flo-Rida remix is up in the designated folder for the fame demos.


23 January 2020;

- The Star Spangled Banner; The best live of hers yet performing the American anthem, as we've all seen and loved is up under 'Unreleased Live'.

- Instrumentals; for Go Go Go, Brooklyn Nights, Monsters (Simpsons) added to Demos of the Unreleased. As most of the demo files here, Thanks to @JustifyMyLove of GagaMediaArchives. Monsters (Simpsons) Itself is located under 'Rare Releases/ Features'. Hello Hello ft. Elton John is also moved there as I feel it's a better fit there than under Unreleased since it was in the actual movie soundtrack.

- Venus; scrapped botticelli snippet is up under 'Demos (Released)/ ARTPOP/ Snippets', thanks to @stimulicious.

- Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe; A great mash of Gaga's scrapped release with some extra rap from the official remix Under 'Fan Edits'.


10 January 2020;

- Nothing On But The Radio; Is still LQ as we knew it, but a little better sounding file curtesy of @Negev replaced the older file. Also, thanks to him I was shocked to discover the latest version of this song by Paris Monroe. She talked about it in 2016, and the file he provided me with is up as well under 'Written by Gaga'.

- No Way; a geniune lossless is up thanks to @ARTPOPRebel. I know of 'Animal' and 'Changing Skies lossless files - but the ones I've had were proven upscaled, don't give up and send over any lossless file you have of those songs, just like 'No Way' we could end up finding an original.

- Lil Wayne's Poker Face; FLAC is up in rare releases under features.

- Fashion! (feat. RuPaul); Studio version edit is up in fanmade folder.

- Swine; demo file is replaced with a better quality file.

- The Remix;  collection is also updated with just the "exclusives", also two amazing 'Make Her Say' UK official remixes.

ROM and 911 -generic- remixes won't be up until era is over, or if they for some reason become unavailable on streaming services.


25 Dec update has been proven fake unfortunately.


23 December 2020;

- Heirless; snippet, in snippets folder under unreleased folder (Reminder, unlike the rest of the collection this folder does not contain all of the relevant files, just threw there whatever I found in my drive. Snippets are not my expertise. If you have a neat collection of snippets that you want to contribute, please contact me.

- We Could Be Lovers; added to Unreleased. Let's all pray we would get some more surprises for the holidays. Heirless or maybe Musicland someone?


27 October 2020;

- Summer of Love; with backing vocals by Gaga is added under Rare Releases/ Features.

- Sing-along About Voting; added to Unreleased Live folder


25 - July 2020;

- Vanity; From 'Beastly' soundtrack FLAC added to: Rare Releases/Written by Gaga


25 - June 2020;

- Ratchet; 2 Demos uploaded to Demos (of Released)/ARTPOP  - Reminder, Ratchet (Final) is under 'Rare Releases' folder, as DJWS released it 'plain'.

- Red Flame; Turned to be a (good) fan edit, moved to fan edit folder, original leak file took its place under Unreleased/Collaborations with the iconic tag.


22 - June 2020;

- Baby What You Want Me To Do; (Film Bonus) moved to 'Unreleased Live' from 'Unreleased'/Collab.

- Future Love; File in main unreleased folder was surprisingly the detagged edit, replaced with original 2010 Burim tagged leak. Detagged version is in fan edit section.


21 - June 2020;

- Too Far Gone; (Film Version snippet) is up at Demos (Released) section under A Star Is Born.

- Wunderland; Fan Edit added

- We Don't Mess; Tami Chynn - Written by Gaga Unreleased file swapped with better sounding prob. original non-upscaled leak.

- @djBuffoon Folder of fab edits, is replaced with a shortcut (Under Fan Edits folder) to his self updated folder - check out his post:


20 - June 2020;

- Judas; (Mashed snippets first demo) is up at Demos (Released) section under Born This Way.


19 - June 2020;

:firega: Demos (of released songs) Folder is up. :firega:


18 - June 2020;

Rare Releases/ Demo Releases
- Addicted To A Memory; lossless, also 'Ratchet' file moved here as it was mistakenly put in Rare.../'Features' folder.
Unreleased Live (Quick reminder; this is the only folder that has no specific rules other than to have everything, and then some alternatives)
- Orange Colored Sky; Two different recordings I like that are not the EP version (tho it's also in the collection) are up now.
- Monster For Life (SXSW Festival 2014) - Short live improvisation is up.
Written By Gaga
- Alienated; Keri Hilson - is REMOVED as I couldn't find any writing credits. It sure was a stubborn rumor since 2009.


17 - June 2020;

Rare Releases/ Demo Releases
- Cake; 'Jay-Tromp' iTunes version is added as it was missing for some reason, along all other Cake versions.
Unreleased Live (Quick reminder; this is the only folder that has no specific rules other than to have everything, and then some alternatives)
- Fooled Me Again; @101.3 KDWB Skyroom is up, such a classic I couldn't resist.
- Future Love; As promised, A better recording of Boston's 'The House of Blues' is up, tho I left the previous file if some will find it more pleasing to listen. A different performance of the song - from New York is also added.
- Princess Die; Another file is added to the folder claimed to be 'HQ Remastered' - Don't Get your hopes up, but it sounds good for a live recording.
Written By Gaga
- 007 On You; Found original 256kbps leak, at the same length, sounds way better.
- Eyes On Me; Added an alternative 'Radio' version, Mastering and quality are better and it's shorter (No instrumental loop at the end of the file)
- Hypnotico; Tami Chynn demo Replaced with a same bitrate/length file was found that sounds better
- Killa Love Song; Replaced the file with the 320kbps old leak I re-discovered, sounds way better, longer in 1s.
Fan Edits
- Princess Die; Best fan-made remaster I know of that sounds almost like an actual studio demo is up.
- Future Love; 'brooklynnights' remix, or should I say remaster is added, really forgot about this one, and it sounds so different than the fan mastered file I always listen to (That was already up to Fan Edits folder)
@djBuffoon; Animal, Dirty Ice Cream, Filthy Pop, Free Woman (Demo) are up to his dedicated folder.
- Demos of The Released; Maybe coming faster than I planned, a consult thread will be open today and after it processed it'll be up.


12 - June 2020;

- But Not For Me; Gaga's singalong from a video on her channel is up in Unreleased Live folder.

- Princess Die; Another file that sounds good is up in Unreleased Live folder.

@djBuffoon Mastered; Folder added under 'Fan Edits' folder with his creations as I'm a fan and he SLAYS.

- Demos of The Released; Not up yet. Remix collection got the priority for now, second listening took place, one more to go, will be probably up in July as planned.


05 - June 2020;

- Again Again, Disco Heaven; As promised all lossless went through a double check, files been found up-sampled, therefore they got replaced with legit files.

- Fooled Me Again; Fooled me. Again. Apparently the CDQ demo (03:33) was on the main unreleased folder, and the final version (03:00) was not uploaded. Now it's fixed - (03:33) is in "demos of the unrelesed' folder, (03:00) replaced it's place under the main unreleased folder.

- Demos of The Released; Not up yet. Section went through a quality check, a re-listening, and re-sorting and file swapping is happening right now. It still gonna take some time, as I put effort in checking authenticity as much as I can without bother you with opening a separate discussion thread, and I do aim towards a complete section that won't need an update unless some new leaks happened (I HOPE). It took a week for first listening, about two more listening sessions to go, so I can carefully set the deadline at July.


02 - June 2020;

- Fashion (Soundtrack - Confessions Of A Shopaholic) FLAC Added instead of the 256-VBR file we had.

- Retro, Dance, Freak - Added to Bonus Tracks sub-folder

- Nothing On (But the Radio) @djBuffoon Amazing master - is now in Fan Edits folder being my favorite. Please do something with Musicland, I will die happy (tho Princess Die is also very well needed indeed).

- Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) [Live ... 2014] file was found guilty being upsampled - REPLACED with original m4a.

- All lossless files are gonna go through a lossless check again, files on this update have been found legit.

- Demos-of-released-songs section is on the works, it's gonna take some time before it'll make it to this collection folder of the rich and famous files.


29 - May 2020;

- Added recent Bonus tracks in FLAC

- 'Unreleased Live' sub-folder - Midnight Special (A Star Is Born Blu-Ray), Stand By Me (Solo), ARTPOP (ft. Elton John), Fashion! (ft. RuPaul), Black Dog improv. in an interview.

- Unreleased Collaborations - "Baby What You Want Me To Do" Jam from A Star Is Born Blu-Ray.

A little bit about why I did that:


- IL|GAGA. I used to run a fan website back in The Fame - Born This Way era. It was the most popular gaga site in Israel. Towards my army service I ran out of money and time and so the site got down. I miss it a lot, I miss the friends I knew because of it at fan meetings, the editors, and the vibe. It had a collection as well, and in a way I feel like I'm reviving a piece of its soul.

- COVID-19. I'm Joking but not really. It sure got me some tons of free time.

- O.C.D. As you can tell by the name of the collection. It makes me sort things, clean like maniac, and gives me urge to reach perfection when I do things, which most of the time just mean give myself a lot of self-shaming for every decent thing I do. Sometimes I hate it when it's bad and out of control, but it led me to do that (do-that do-that do-that do-that) collection.

I want us to raise the bar when it comes to our material quality.
I feel like it's the 20's (Well, it is). Vinyl quaility is back, and there is not a reason for us to stay in 2008 when it comes to quality if we have an option. I know, I know, my phone music player gave me problems too with some lossless files so I got PowerAmp app. Now I can live the 2020's right. And I think you should too (You also have free alternatives like VLC).

A little long bit of rules of how I sort things:


This is from my computer archive, meaning that it have a different purpose other than just listening, and therefore it is sorted in a unique way, not meant for listening in the specific folders order (But I can if I like, aww). Files are in the right location in folders and sub-folders, don't just assume it's not there, and before you ask for a missing file - use the drive's search bar, it's probably there. If you have any further requests regarding gaga media, I'm willing to try and help.

- It may and WILL probably SEEM WEIRD -
If you laugh at my O.C.D you basically racist cause I'm a middle eastern.

1. If it's A snippet, its a snippet.
Unfortunately. and it won't make it to the main unreleased folder, just to the snippets sub-folder. Now I know that there are some fantastic edits out there, I made you a folder of the edits that I have, for that matter. WARNING - The snippets folder hold lots of duplicates do not get your hopes up! I just can not stand listening to most of it to get it right.

2. If it got released. (It got released)
it can defiantly be rare, of course! It can be considered and referred to as a B-Side, Rare-Gem, Persian-Cat, a TEA or a BOP, but you all gonna find it in the Rare Releases folder, Probably in a Lossless form, with its original tags and artwork.

3. If it's not genuine.
Then it's not there at my main collection (Though I have an archive that I enter from time to time to enjoy Superluva), Songs that we do not have untagged - are left tagged. Collection does holds De-tagged sub-folder (Under Fan Made) of mainly @tyleratemyheart files off of GagaFrontRow.

4. If it's a Demo of an official song.
Except "I Wanna Be With You" and "Sometimes" that are different songs on the same melody to my opinion If you want my demos collection it's basically gagamediaarchives demos, I can upload the folders but basically it's up on this marvelous website - that's doesn't put "I Wanna Be With You" and "Sometimes" in it's demo lists, so I'm not the only crazy person to think the way I do. If you really want me to upload this section as well I will.

5. Remixes are Out.
I mean, they are a different collection, the officials are all over Deezer, so that's not why we here for (tonight yeah baby, tonight yeah baby).

6. Unreleased Live is an exception
Best quality possible files of each song BUT sometime I put several recordings of each song, sometimes the quality sucks cause that's what we have, sometime it's just there against every rule (Hey Future Love), sometimes - you know when I need you sometimes oho-oho.

7. "As-I-got-it" approach - No further tag edits.
Well, almost;


- No album cover files got my current design of the collection.
- No comment in file data got this current collection comment.
- No title files got the file-name tag.

This one rule goes against a lot of my visual and mental O.C.D, but is so comfortable when it comes to track a file history, and in a collection you have to do that from time to time.

After downloading the sorted materiel, just pic your files out of the folders, COPY them to a separate folder, and then edit them If you want. this way you can tell when there's a new leak, by comparing to the collection you have left untouched and not having to figure out what's the genuine file out of 25 Brooklyn Nights files.

You can rock one of your favorite artworks, as you please (Live Unreleased especially, horror) and edit more tags using the free (and awesome) "Mp3tag" software (Not Sponsored, it's freeware).

If you're using PowerAmp app on your phone I'd recommend you to remove <leave empty> the TRACK NUMBER, and especially the ALBUM (When it's not in the rare released section) - This way you gonna see every piece of individual artwork you use without one of them deciding it's the alpha cover and taking over all of the files with the same album name.

I had enough, this is my prayer that whenever I want a certain demo or a file I won't have to listen to 10 different files. You can definitely count on this collection.

A little bit more of what you can do:


- Support artists.
- Report mistakes if you find any or, god-forbid, missing files.
- A fanmade edit for Musicland that sounds good. That's all I ask in return.
- OK, wait, maybe leak something in return, maybe Musicland (And no I don't belive it's just an intro).
- If you find some better files let us all know here, I'll update the folders!
- Throw a party according to the instructions you are under.
- You have the right to mix and match your own folders, change tags dramatically and so on, but don't tell me about it cause it's painful to even think about.



- GagaFrontRow - The oldest and the best source.
- GagaMediaArchive - The winner in quality award for its files, plus I'm using its demos collection and it's an animal, animal (And very organised, and comprehensive) @JustifyMyLove
- Orphan Gaga - The @ChicaSkas aka Media Queen pinned collection post.
- Unknown sources, thank you as well!
- Gagapedia Fandom, and the people behind it.
- You. A lot of you helped so much without even knowing by negotiating about songs here on GagaDaily, and making things clearer.
- Myself, I'm already enjoying this updated collection.

And last;
Chica herself, that was of a great help when I wanted to update my files after a long time of limited access to technology during years in the army, and I want to thank her publicly, for doing what she is doing for us all in my favorite part of GagaDaily boards - the media section.
I dedicate this to all of my friends, and monster friends, the one that are here with us, and the ones in my heart.

*If you see this in a long time from now and links are broken tell me. I'm here for over 10 years at least weekly*

🇮🇱 Welcome - to my - HAUS (Folders) 🇮🇱

Want more? 


Edited by OCD
DOWN untill antisemitism on here stops.
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thank you so much for this ! :bradley:

If you have some rad remixes you made laying around, send it to me!!
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Bad Kids

Thank you so much omg

And when you say my name, like white horses on the waves, I think it feels the same, as an ocean in my veins.
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Wow that's what I call a collection. Thank you for your hard work and time :firega:

You will learn respect!
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Thank you! ♥♥

checkout my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5iGoXYpXnIfLHH1o7H9lxA
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Absolutely fantastic work! Thank you so much :hug: 

#BlackLivesMatter #TransLivesMatter - You let down members of the community and forced us out.
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Thank you so much for this. All her unreleased stuff is scattered on the internet with different qualities, it's nice to have them in one place in the best quality available :kiss:

Do you hear that? It's poison.
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